!!BIG WIN!! Can I Get a Pick Me Up?

!!BIG WIN!! Can I Get a Pick Me Up?

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  1. The most I won on those tickets is $1000

  2. Real nice bro keep your head up

  3. dumb ass hillbilly

  4. 500 nice

  5. Great win! Hang in there my friend, enjoy the ups, get through the downs.

  6. Whoo hoo!!!! Nice. I know what it's like to hit that 50X!!!!

  7. Nice win! Keeping you in my prayers.

  8. Sweet hit RK! Life & Death stuff….been there from 2011 — 2016 taking care of family. Whatever it is brother, Linda & my thoughts and prayers are with you!

  9. Wow!! Great win bro. praying for you.

  10. there ya go champ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nice win and i will keep you in my prayers brother i no were your at i am having a awfull year to date with those kind of issue !!!!!!! i still miss my brother soooooooo much god be with you

  11. Keep your head up man! Nice win, may be a sign of good things to come

  12. Bittersweet brother…Nice hit …and I hope you find the strength to get through the other situation

  13. bam welcome back from vegas

  14. great hit my friend, I'll pray for yall man, keep your head up my friend

  15. very nice!!

  16. Glad it happened for ya my manes!! Keep your head up, and nice win…prayers up!

  17. sorry for your loss,my friend.. Awesome win & praying for you..

  18. sorry for. your. loss. pray ing

  19. hope things turn out better than they have for ya. beautiful hit btw!!!

  20. Congratulations!!! Hope everything turns out well for you at home.

  21. that's one way to get ya head back up, sorry for your loss and prayers are with you and yours brother

  22. Just hit 50X as well!! And also Hit for $1000 Friday!!


  24. lmao great win

  25. Idk who would thumbs down on this but YAS. So happy for this great win and I'm glad you and camera girl are good but also pray the other situations heal.

  26. good luck man and my prayer are with you all.

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