BIG WIN!!! Cash Wheel — Bally Slot Machine Bonus

BIG WIN!!! Cash Wheel — Bally Slot Machine Bonus

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40 комментариев

  1. wow 10× per line? In Vegas its 5× per line

  2. nice win…….congrats

  3. One of my favorite games.

  4. WOW!

  5. This is a 1 cent machine! These are pennies not dollars!

  6. Jackpot

  7. does anyone know the name of a slot machine they used to have at Parx? It was a presidential theme where the bonus would be multiplied by the President?

  8. Just watching a few of your games to get a feel for your play before the big tournament next March. Hope you all do well.

  9. My new favorite slot machine besides family guy. Loved playing this in Atlantic City and in Vegas.

  10. Nice!

  11. Nice win! My local casino just put 2 of these in. I won 1800$. Our max bet us 2.00.

  12. Nice return on a $4.00 bet. Congrats!

  13. Great win!

  14. Thanks for giving me the link! 🙂 This was awesome! I can't wait to try it!

  15. nice win. i love the cash wheel game

  16. I won 500 on the cash wheel bonus only betting 40cents a spin then my first spin on the game the most I have ever won on that one

  17. someone comes to you and says, you can make money gambling, don't believe that donkey, because no matter how much you win, you'll lose it all, even if you buy something with your winnings. You will never forget that moment when you won that big amount of money, and will definitely go back to play. Before you know it. you'll end up selling it all to chase losses. I hope we all get out of this fantasy world very soon.

  18. how much he won ? 6K or 600 ?

  19. 600$ is about 300£ I think. Is that big money for a usa casino. ??? I won over 300,000 sterling in two months on roulette I should learn do video.

  20. Good on you for doing MAX bet, I can't stand watching people do minimum and then complain they're not winning anything.

  21. Very nice win, congrats.

  22. Super Nice win!! Congrats! All those re spins were Amazing!!

  23. That was nice, thanks for sharing!

  24. Very nice bonus.

  25. Nice win! Wish the wheel had stopped on 50 for a super biggie for you

  26. Wow! Looks like a very fun game. When I saw "big win", 6 mins, and a wheel I thought (must be 3-4 clips and 5 minutes of filler) but it was all action! Nice win and nice video.

  27. Great bonus!

  28. Nice machine and fast paying credits!

  29. That was great, sweet wins! I wish Cash Wheel would treat me this way! Glad security didn't stop you from recording this fun  video!

  30. Fantastic win on this game. Glad it worked out for you on MAX. Congratulations.

  31. amazing potential alright.

  32. Awesome bonus!!  That 2x payout works in your favor!

  33. Awesome win! nice!

  34. Now that was awesome! I've never seen this game before in person but it looks really cool! Congrats on the big win!

  35. One hell of a bonus! Is this slot new? Never seen it before.

  36. Over 100x thats damn good congrats on the big win!!

  37. That was a great bonus!!

  38. Wow you two, that was incredible! 3 cash wheel features inside a max bet bonus! This game has amazing potential, glad to see a big win on it. Congrats!

  39. Wow, that looked so fun! Awesome win!! 🙂

  40. When your hot your hot! Damn girl that was a hell of a bonus, congrats my friend!

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