BIG WIN! CRAZY Back to Back BONUSES! Diamond Queen Slot Machine!!!

BIG WIN! CRAZY Back to Back BONUSES! Diamond Queen Slot Machine!!!

[ad_1] This game is starting to become a candidate for my favorite slot! If you’re lucky enough to get the bonus it almost always pays a decent amount! This time I got super lucky! Enjoy!!!

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  1. LOVED IT……………. WOW! !!!!! YOU WERE DOWN TO $8.25 & CAME BACK TO OVER $600!!!!!
    THAT'S JUST LUCKY!!!!!!!

  2. Great bonuses. Love all your vids.

  3. Great bonus

  4. Glad youse won,, I ws gettin agitated ….

  5. Nice win

  6. Hi my love… I enjoy watching you win… Congrats… Jim in NY

  7. Nice…back to back! I love this game but can't find it anywhere to play in my casinos. Where do you do your spinning?

  8. Wow back to back awesome that doesn't happen alot! Great video

  9. You and lady luck are the best.

  10. That is one of my favorite games. Nice win my friend. 🙂

  11. You look great as ever! Nice win! So, what is your rule exactly? I need to apply it to my slot play since I tend to win a little and then lose a lot. Somehow, I think that big win is right around the corner and I spend my winnings chasing it. Of course, it doesn’t help to watch all these big wins on YouTube. Lol.

  12. Nice Video and good Win Sarah!

  13. Nice win Lucky Lady!!!

  14. Way to win 🙂

  15. Super Fun! Don't see Back to Back Bonus very often!!! Congrats!

  16. Congrats on the back-to-back bonus! Personally I have never had one of those.. yet. Keep trying though, right? 😉 Thanks for the great video!

  17. Congrats Sara!!! gg

  18. ANOTHER "WINNING" VIDEO!!! That was AWSOME!!! Now get that JACKPOT!!!

  19. Great video. Nice end of video score. Btw your picture on your Facebook page is stunning to say the least. Keep on winning and as always keep on smiling!!!!

  20. that was amazing

  21. so so good Lady — many more to come your way dear

  22. Really enjoyed the music

  23. LOL you sounded so surprised when you got the second bonus spin! Nice!!

  24. Wow…I've never seen an extra spin on the 3 wild reels! You are right, that was pretty awesome!

  25. That was nice, good bonus'! More good luck to you 😉

  26. Nice hit.

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