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  1. As many of you know we bought a house in Reno and have been moving into it this week. It was a move with a lot of issues since the major move company we went with had some driver/truck issues and we ended up with one of their agents in CA moving us. The movers were hard working and pleasant men but instead to the 18 wheeler this agent company sent a shuttle truck for a 15,000 pound load. This resulted in them having to take apart a lot of our furniture to fit it in the truck and instead of finishing in one day, they were at our house for 13 hours the first day and 8 hours the second day finishing up. Yesterday they delivered the furniture and putting all that stuff back together was something and unfortunately they had lost the screws to a coffee table, end table and another table and as it was getting late last night Randy just said forget it he will buy the exact screws they need and do it himself. So far only one broken glass as I started unpacking (yay). However we had some damage to the upstairs landing when they used a dolly to take bookshelves and some other furniture upstairs. It's not severe so we will just deal with it and be thankful that the movers and us made it safely to Reno given the crazy weather last weekend. So I'll be busy unpacking and will try to answer comments later in the week. Last we are still waiting for some items of my Mom's to be delivered. The same moving company had 5 weeks to get it to Reno but managed to be 10 days later, however they do have to pay a penalty for each day late. Today we are hoping to get our internet and tv cable installed. Anyway it's good to be in our new home and I should be back on a daily schedule of videos by next week if not before. 🙂

  2. thank you for the update

  3. Super Nice Wins Diana! Happy to hear your move is near completion and you can finally settle in and RELAX!

  4. Great video… have a lot of patience with these machines. Thank you for also sharing parts of your life with us. I’m sure your mom is going to be happy with you guys in Reno!

  5. Good luck with the big move! Think you will have earned a break to go try out more of the local casinos!

  6. Great win, Diana! Best of luck with the Reno move!

  7. Our "LADY DI" charmed the movers as she does with the machines, it will be a dream.

  8. Nice win Diana. Thanks for sharing

  9. Very nice wins. And the picture is a lot clearer, lol. Congrats!

  10. Great win!! Great video!!

  11. Diana, you should be careful about shouting "Moon me!" in a casino. Especially during happy hour. Great bonus, though!

  12. Those were fun DL bonuses Diana! I for sure know that moving isn't fun, since our move to CA from TX in 2017. Our stuff took over a week to get here — I was living on take out and sleeping on the floor! Hopefully life will be back to normal very soon for you, Randy and your mom. Take it easy and get some rest!

  13. Awesome wins dianna. Keep it coming
    Love all your videos

  14. Diane, so sorry to hear of all the issues. You can and should hold the moving company accountable for damage. We suggest getting estimates for the repairs and forward them to the company for payment. You should also negotiate a discount for any work/labor Randy has to do caused by their negligence.

  15. Nice win.  Congrats!  Sorry to hear about all the problems moving.  You sure have kept cool, calm and collected throughout the move.  You are one nice lady!

  16. Awesome big win Diana oh, I'm going to try Dragon link myself and hopefully get something good under tax money

  17. Enjoy your videos. Good luck on move.

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