Big Win For BoJo | Ep. 916

Big Win For BoJo | Ep. 916

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Boris Johnson emerges from the British elections with a massive mandate, Democrats and Republicans play rock-em, sock-em robots during impeachment, and we check the mailbag.

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24 комментария

  1. 1931 Labour got 52/16 seats. Conservatives 470/616. Majority of 324. Thatcher got bigger majorities in 1983 and 1987 over Labour, far bigger than Boris Johnson's majority of 80. The guy in the big hat behind Corbyn stands for the Official Monster Raving Loony Party

  2. Genuine question here.

    Why are so many people anti-Semitic?

    I've never met any Jews before and I don't understand why the worldwide hatred against them. Is it something they did in the distant past or something they still do now?? Very confused, I need answers

  3. Jewish guy with Brexit Party — light blue

  4. 8:28 — important to note that you get the £500 back if you get at least 5% of the vote in the seat you're standing for. The deposit is there to prevent joke candidates yet they stand anyway.

    We also count ALL the votes before we announce the result. A novel concept that the Americans should adopt.

  5. 18:48 — if you're referring to the British polls they were actually pretty good this time. Most had Conservative leads comfortably outside the margin of error. None had Labour leading or even level.

  6. The UK and the US are experiencing a similar a very similar political path at the moment. Fingers crossed our American friends will vote in similar fashion.

  7. I hope the brits succeed, so that other european countries once again can follow their lead.

  8. If Ben wishes to be President one day, suggest that he follows Boris's example and avoids being interviewed by Andrew Neil.

  9. I voted for labour in scotland because i knew the tories had no chance where i lived. I voted for Labour hoping that bastard Snp mob wouldn't get the seat. Unfortunately it never worked but the good thing that came out of it was corbyn got fcked

  10. the left will now be more dangerous than ever, and try cause more brick walls to be put up, to disagree with tory s way forward. watch for regroup of the weak left, and more madness than ever coming from them.

  11. "With a steak knife" OMG!

  12. The guy wearing the yarmulke is representing the Brexit party (Turquoise Rosette). The Conservative candidate was wearing the Blue Rosette.

  13. I paid YouTube $12.00 a month for no Commercials..WTF?

  14. Another great video Benjamin. Enjoyed seeing your take on British politics.

    Glad to have done my bit to keep Corbyn out.

  15. Trump needs to go to the debates and humiliate them

  16. Episode 917 came up unavailable private!

  17. Ben probably just buys another car when his runs out of gas

  18. Good results and a big relief for the many decent British people, but not for the few communists and anti- Semites in the UK! Many thanks for your excellent comments and support for us here in the UK! Blessings on Ben Shapiro and family! We in England trust you more than the fake news! 🙂

  19. It's mind-boggling to me how much power, and the pursuit of power, corrupts the mind. These leftist politicians and their cronies are liars of the highest order.

  20. The Brits have managed to condemn antisemites, yet many American politicians refuse to. I'm deeply ashamed and embarrassed for my country.

  21. Anybody else find it hard to believe Ben doesn't have an assistant? You ain't schlepping sh!t Ben 🙂

  22. How many likes can this comment get

  23. Couple of slight corrections for US listners

    The polls werent especially wrong leading up to this election. They consistently showed a 6-12 point lead for the Tories , but the reason pundits were close was that because of our first past teh post system, along with potential tactical voting by opposition/remain supporters, meant that it wasn't clear this this lead would be converted into a working majority

    Secondly Farage didn;t stand aside in the (ex) labour strongholds as Ben suggests. Farage stood down in every seat that Johnson already held, which prevented the Brexit vote being split and letting Liberal Democrats or Labour to sneak through the gap. Farage's party stood in the north but this actually helped the conservaties as he took a lot of votes off of people who are Brexit supporters but are so tribally anti-tory they would never have voted for them direcrly. But the loss of labour votes to the Farage meant that the Tories could get past them in many seats. So the brexit vote was split, but not in a way that harmed the Conservatives as many of those people may still have voted labour if there was no non-Tory leave option on the ballot

  24. The real problem for progressives is that Trumps free market reforms and tax break are working wonders for the people at the bottom end of the money ladder. Record low unemployment, fast rising wages for the poorest workers. NO NEW WARS. He is gaining more and more of the black and Hispanic vote and has the white male vote locked up. You see independants in the swing states moving his way with this impeachment scam. All this and at the same time you see the Democratic party in a civil war with no good Candidates to run against Trump. It is all but over for them.

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