Big Win For BoJo | The Ben Shapiro Show Ep. 916

Big Win For BoJo | The Ben Shapiro Show Ep. 916

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Boris Johnson emerges from the British elections with a massive mandate, Democrats and Republicans play rock-em, sock-em robots during impeachment, and we check the mailbag.

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  2. Worth noting: in the last 50 years, only Blair has won a general election for Labour. Shockingly weak record for the British left.

  3. The Jewish guy behind Corbyn is Brexit party not Conservative. In Boris Johnson's constituency, along with Elmo and Lord Buckethead, there was Count Binface.

  4. your turn USA trump 2020

  5. "He [Sadiq Khan] goes right after Corbyn with a steak knife." It's just like a Londoner to do that.

  6. Even the Israeli Labor party broke off relations with Jeremy Corbyn…

  7. The worst part is that there were some very prominent socialist-leaning Jews like popular Children's author and meme Michael Rosen that did everything they could to deny the fact that Corbyn and his stooges were deeply anti-Semitic and kept on speaking ill of the Jewish people that spoke out against Labour. How they could be so deluded by Socialism that they would ignore the threat to their own people I don't know.

  8. Bojo's Bizarre Adventure: Albion Crusader

  9. The jewish guy behind was campaigning for the Brexit Party, the Conservative candidate was on the left

  10. Sadik Khan is a radicals dishonest fascist. Don't trust a thing he says.

  11. Sadik Khan is a radicals dishonest fascist. Don't trust a thing he says.

  12. The Vatican has to be purged of the communists too

  13. Congratulations long lost cousins in the UK!!! May the years coming be blessed as well as a very merry Christmas!

  14. Meanwhile, Canada just re-elected Liberal Blackface Guy. ffs

  15. So nancy pelosi practices medicine without a license…

  16. So BoJo means Boris Johnson? I thought is was a new celeb couple like Jen and Ben.

  17. As a British citizen, I've never been prouder of the people of this country. We have been bombarded with endless propaganda through the media, feckless celebrity shills and establishment politicians who have continuously told us for the past 3.5 years that we made the wrong decision on Brexit, we were tricked, we're all stupid for buying into their lies and that they somehow know what's best for us all.

    Labour was the party of the working class in the UK and has always had the support of people in former industrial towns and cities (mostly in the North and the Midlands) but it has been taken over by a bunch of middle-class, champagne socialists living in their London liberal bubble. The vote leave campaign during the EU referendum in 2016 had a lot of support from majority Labour party towns and cities because many see the EU as being the main cause for industry and manufacturing jobs leaving this country and pushing these areas into poverty. My own city of Coventry was once the base for a large Peugeot car manufacturing plant which employed thousands of people in the city. After 10 countries from the old Eastern-bloc joined the EU in the mid-2000's, Peugeot decided soon after to relocate those jobs to Slovakia, closing the plant and putting many people out of work in the UK, this is just one example of how EU membership has hollowed out the economy for many regions of this country. The only place to benefit from it is London which has boomed thanks to it's financial services sector at the expense of the rest of the country.

    The situation seems to be very similar to the support Trump had in 2016 from the rust belt in the US, it's a working class rebellion against career politicians and their globalist and socialist ideology.

  18. I can't believe we still need to fight communism

  19. Corbyn may not be a good leader, but Johnson is no better. Sad times for the UK

  20. Duke Nukem reference! Bravo Ben.

  21. Congressmen are ELECTED not SELECTED. Great point! How Democrats can't understand that blows my mind. Guess we will be looking at impeachment for at least the next 5 years!

  22. Voted labour back in 2017 regretted it ever since, but this election I voted conservative even known my consistency remained labour. It feels good to have done my part to keep labour from power!

  23. Get a hair cut

  24. 2016 Brexit > Trump. Boris > Trump being re-elected.

  25. A lot of the far left said they were moving to Canada. Sorry Canada but I won't miss them

  26. As a British Jew, I can tell you that we did our part and almost exclusively voted for the Conservative candidates in Great Britain.
    Corbyn often spoke about solidarity during his push for power when addressing his deluded following on the campaign trail.
    However, he found out that solidarity is freely given when your entire people are at risk, and as such, we sent him packing.
    Sadly, the spectre of antisemitism is hovering over the UK and Europe despite the British vote, but at least British Jews can breathe easier for the time being. Ethnic violence is perpetrated against Jews and far exceeds white supremacists actions here in the UK, and thats been the case for years.
    I understand the media are shy to convey this reality for politically corrective purposes but at least Boris Johnson is outlawing the BDS movement for the future. That should also send a message to our American friends that if we in the UK find communism dressed up as a credible left winged movement is unacceptable, then your democratic party may also get a drubbing in 2020. 
    Lets hope so.

  27. I'm a brit. From the north of England. I voted leave and voted conservative. Boris understands that we are proud of our little country. We have had enough of negative politician's. Who just seem to hate us and think we are stupid. A town in the north voted conservative last 103 years ago. We were mining towns and labour is deep in us. Boris understands we put our faith in him. Best Christmas present ever! To have Boris Johnson a our prime minister.

  28. The Russians have been busy this year.

  29. I really like your arguments, but I have a problem with your speech mechanics, you talk in a way that causes me STRESS, too accelerated, no changes in intonation, nasality, lack of breathing stops… I would respectfully recommend a speech or coach trainer, that would help you to slow down and put color and warm shades in your speech. Think about a speech like that of Glenn Beck, he sounds warm, slow, sure, seducing the micro, relaxing… Do a try and reduce your video speed a -5% or -10% . Just a kind helpful hint. Remember that most of the time is not what people say or the amount of facts that they try to cram in their speech, but how that speech is modulated and how the information is conveyed in an enticing way.

  30. Of course I don't know exactly what's inside his mind, but I think in fact it's in a way even worse; Corbyn himself probably isn't really antisemitic, however he is an absolute political cynic and thus he has been going for the — largely moslem, antisemitic — immigrant vote. In a twisted way I would almost (note, ALMOST!) respect a true open antisemite more than someone playing into it for tactical political gain.

  31. Corbyn hates Trump

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