BIG WIN FOR CBI: Kolkata Police Commissioner Rajeev Kumar To Appear Before Officials In Shillong

BIG WIN FOR CBI: Kolkata Police Commissioner Rajeev Kumar To Appear Before Officials In Shillong

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19 комментариев

  1. Looters and Scamers of india say now… SC nothing to them drama drama… how dare she block CBI.. is she is our PM candidature… No Way… NAMO AGAIN 2019.. JAI HIND

  2. We need curroption free India.

  3. I am seriously surprised, the people of West Bengal, the punyabhoomi where Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Sri Nitai Gauranga, Srila Prabhupada, Swamy Vivekananda, Sri Rabindranath Tagore, Sri Aurobindo have elected this Maniac, Psychopath, rabid woman who can only belong to the dungeons of beasts or the Lunatic Asylum, Strange! Pray better sense prevail upon them through the grace of Almighty Lord Krishna, present it is ruled by the will of the Jihadi cult, its apocalyptic!

  4. Wrong interpretation. How long can you act as stooge to vested quarter

  5. Every time I look the comment obviously it's only the right wing who used to leave comment lol.

  6. Madam MAMATA BANERJEE has foreign her belly. High time she realised that she is not above law. The frustrated Mamata Madam is only trying to project a saintly image in front of her people as the Elections is round the corner. She is already feeling the heat of her burning chair.

  7. Count down of Madam MAMATA had started. At last she has realised that she is not above law.

  8. What order or direction given regarding the arrest of CBI officials by Calcutta police.

  9. aadarneeya a p r a t i m PM MODI JI kee JAIJAIKAAR aurr shutt shutt NAMAN . 2OI9 mey dobaara firr MODI JI , BJP + hee .

  10. Mamata underestimating the quietness
    of Modi because when he throw his power she will ends up like weak duckling.

  11. The day is not far when all the anti national criminals will be delivered justice on road by people of India. This is height of incompetancy. Why doesn't she goes in her office & work ? Why isn't momta willing to sit & do bhook hartal for 20 lakh duped common people across 4-5 states by these chit fund scammers. Lastly she shall come out and explain in public, how her nephew has amassed huge wealth during her rule ?

  12. At least to day SC Has lived up to expectation of masses and not TARIKH. PE TARIKH

  13. Great thanks to supreme Court… Thanks to CBI

  14. Moral victory for Mamata didi =Throwing mic on stage!!! SC show the way how to save constitution. No dictator in India

  15. Mumtaz begam down now

  16. DMk, VCK, CPM, congress, TDP, SP, DSP all bury your head.

  17. Big win for CBI and hence once again it proven that mamata is main culprit behind stage

  18. Randi mamta mere lund pe aao
    Mere lund pe aao ya gand marao

  19. Shame on bengalese for putting such corrupted empty vessel to the post of cm. should have been careful in electing a responsible person for such an important post. You vote for rubbish n sewerage you get rubbish n sewerage.

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