Big Win for Drones! Ep. 6.296

Big Win for Drones! Ep. 6.296

[ad_1] A court in Michigan has ruled against a county that did not allow drone flights without permits.


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  1. I have lots of fun flying my tiny whoops and tinyhawk s in the house. It’s more fun than my 5” quad because I don’t have to worry about anyone saying anything. Plus I can basically fly the small ones all day long without stopping except for a battery change. The 5” is super fun but you have to not be around people because a crash of one of those can cause some serious damage. I have to drive to different locations until I find one without people. It’s a PITA. My tinyhawk s is 2s capably and you can have fun with it outside without worrying about hurting someone. If it dosent break delicate things in the house it’s not gonna hurt anyone. Plus when it’s cold or windy it’s always perfect conditions in the house.

  2. In my county there’s a crazy old law still on the books. You can legally beat your wife at the courthouse on Sunday.

  3. The world has gone mad!

  4. Fighting the good fight.

  5. So they are allowed to say… police may not use drones for the purpose of… etc… a civilian could, but a police officer could not if the county so ruled. This allows the county to protect itself from law suits by setting up rules and guild-lines for the use of drones by it own staff, such as hours of operation, days of operation, areas… and purpose…

    It does make sense in a way, as some people may try and sue a county for using a drone saying "Oh it overflew my back yard and was spying on me. I want this person fired." And the county can turn round and say, as per guidelines, the drone was operating with its set "flight envelope" to check and follow power-lines crossing county land, to ensure proper maintenance and lower the risk of… yada yada…

  6. Wow they hate drones. My friends and I were flying at a regional park a few years ago (in Minnesota) but at least when the park rangers came and shut us down they were nice about it. We sure the hell weren’t arrested and put in cuffs. We had to dig to find a law from 1995 prohibited radio controlled cars boats and aircraft, as well as balloons, parachutes, etc. similar to the Michigan parks law referred to in this video. We are still working with our state DOT aeronautics department but there are still some crazy city policies out there.

  7. How about in Europe

  8. Yeah just look at channel 7 flying their drone over everybody's head and over cars homes and they're getting away with it.

  9. Steve should do a video on states passing laws eliminating daylight savings time and why it requires congress to pass a law to actually allow it. We are tired of changing clocks and sleep patterns.

  10. Ohio isn’t like this. I to wa arrested at my county park. The case was thrown out but I was in a huge fight with park boards over this whole thing. They still don’t allow operations of any RC craft in county parks.

  11. Boycott the parks!! Don’t buy season passes!

  12. They want these parks as dog parks and yoga momas speed walking.

  13. This is all going to change in every state if/when the FAA passes their new regulations, RC hobbyists won't be allowed to fly anywhere without remote ID and if you don't have remote ID you will be relegated to a FRIA (FAA-recognized identification area).

  14. A side question….Are drones and remote controlled airplanes or RC helicopters considered the "same"….

  15. They just need to make one park drone friendly

  16. I’m from New York City… thank you for this hope someday this opens up the law or regulations or rules they have here in New York… it truly needs to be more updates about it… I know all the rules and laws of the FAA

  17. Very interesting how the laws work at different levels. Thanks for sharing that.

  18. I'm a drone driver, currently enrolled to get my license. Look, I'm safe, I dont buzz houses or cruise ships. I don't bother a soul. So what's so damn wrong about it? After a hurricane I videoed sunken boats in the river. I didn't charge for the footage but did identify several vessels in the way of safe navigation. Big brother always gets money off everything we do and that's what this is all about. Next will be ROV's sometimes referred to as underwater drones!

  19. I'm not a lawyer but I'm reminded of a legal term "Ex post facto"………. after the fact…….. null and void

  20. I am only worried about my town,my city my State!Suffolk County,New York!!

  21. Thank you for reading our court victory. I am a member of Michigan Coalition of Drone Operators. I wish everyone knew more about this case. The man who was arrested, is a Paramedic firefighter, search and rescue drone operator. He is no amateur. He has made many drone videos, many in Genesee county parks. Some of his videos are on YouTube and have had many thousands of vides. He has provided great service to this state and the county. The way he was treated was inexcusable. Please visit the Michigan Coalition of Drome Operators face book page, learn more and join the group.

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