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Big Win For Gun Owners and For Second Amendment Advocates Everywhere

Big Win For Gun Owners and For Second Amendment Advocates Everywhere

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Actually it’s THREE big wins for gun owners and gun advocates everywhere

The 9th circuit court of appeals blocked the ban in california of magazines

9th circuit court votes in favor of open carry:

Also a An assault weapons ban that was supposed to take effect in Deerfield on Wednesday is now on hold.

A judge issued a temporary restraining order.

Two residents, with the support of the NRA and other gun rights groups, argued the rule punished people who follow the law.


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  1. Please smash that like button and join us on patreon if you can. ( https://www.patreon.com/TheRedElephants )


  3. So many fake Russian Accounts reacting. Living in your own bubble Red Traitor.

  4. How much does Kremlin pay. …… American traitor? And YouTube…. History will make you accountable for destroying western culture.

  5. honestly man you sounded racist when you said that we have an 18% Hispanic and 13 % black population and then followed that with the gang issue our nation has. Let us be clear EVERY "race" has a gangs and criminals, African Americans and Hispanics are not more prone to commit crimes (which is saying something, given how hard people try to make our day to day lives I.E. bbq becky). Truly we as Americans have much to be proud of and should stand as one "race" being irrelevant, those who are criminals are criminals because they made a personal choice not because they are white , hispanic or whatever. They DO NOT represent any of us, not you nor I. if you were not being racist then I apologize.

  6. I Love Texas and GUNS

  7. Damn I love your shirt.

  8. If you know I'm packing u could not melt a peace of crap big baller gang to rob me !!!!!!!! Good job NRA

  9. (((Rosenthal))) every.. fuQen.. time

  10. Ofcourse you can tape two mags and home make a bumfire stock but . The point is to make it harder for people.

  11. How many more schools will get shot up i bet you folks wont want guns if your kids where shot and killed in a school shooting

  12. U Weird ….,,!,

  13. Thank God for the NRA

  14. California needs to Bann Democrat Politicions , not Guns. They are the poeples enemy. They take "Rrights and Liberties", away,not give them.

  15. Well if you make it illegal to carry more than 10 rounds per mag , then all we have to carry more mags!! YES!!

  16. nra is the biggest lobby in the room that screws us go to gun owners of america if you actually want your money to be used properly

  17. or they do maybe just don't care sadly and sadly it's true that they don't care about the mistake they are doing

  18. everything u had said in the video u are right about everything these people out that are making protests against 2 Amendment and banned our right to bear arms is making a big mistake and they are not realizing that

  19. The State will just ask for a full court hearing and the 9th will uphold the ban.

  20. You sir are the man!

  21. Sorry. You lost my interest at your F Bomb. Moving on.

  22. the red elephants you don't need a bump stock https://youtu.be/GIC8SMttjjo

  23. The NRA is under attack in New York.

  24. #ENDNWO #KEEPOURGUNS  End 72 hour holds for gun grabs , 72 hour holds destroys lives , they take guns , kids , & life from us .

  25. Also we are still free people so we can buy what we want


  27. Fuck the NRA

  28. So 10 plus round magazines are now not “illegal” in California?

  29. Shitcago heaviest gun laws and worst crime. That's the only litmus test I need to see. We must fight for our 2A rights it's all we have to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

  30. (((NRA))) owned.

  31. Nice vid, but "white privilege" is not a privilege. Once you witness (which will be never) the other race, you'll know!!

  32. We can only have 10 round magazines

  33. When are they going to help us in N.Y.

  34. I get guns illustrated not rifleman magazine either way good magazines

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