Big Win for School Choice and Religious Liberty at the Supreme Court — Sekulow Ep. 567

Big Win for School Choice and Religious Liberty at the Supreme Court — Sekulow Ep. 567

[ad_1] The latest Supreme Court ruling was a major victory for school choice and religious liberty. Jay and team discuss.

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  1. Jessica Doty Whitaker.

    Greg Lewis
    Danyal Jones
    Angelo Bronson
    John Tiggs
    Lazarra Daniels
    Keishanay Holden
    Sharrod Turner
    Jaliel Jackson
    Darius Jelks
    Tyrel Clark
    Jaquan Newman
    Tommie Gatewood
    Maurice Jelks
    The black Americans who were murdered in Chicago on May 31st.

    Antifa flys the same flag, as the Communist Party, in Germany, in the 1930's.

  2. When a Supreme Court Judge obviously does not follow the Constitution there should be some way to kick him/her off the court .

  3. This is all great but the Democrats don't honor the courts, now how do you make them? and how do you get your child out of public school? once you inter them in public school it's hard to get them back out. I wish I had never registered my child ever, 8 years now, and it's been a nightmare with the public school. Do I have to go to court just to home school my child and get the material to educate her?

  4. we are in oklahoma and have not received help yet, we use our oun program combined with "all in one" aka Easy Peasy, homeschool for 3 years now. thank you for fighting for the children all across our land.

  5. Finally. Some common sense!!!!! Why send kids to a crappy school? Either improve the schools or have the right to go somewhere that gives a damn about kids!

  6. Praise our lord 🙂

  7. You guys are doing great things and our country really appreciate you.

  8. Congratulations on your cites being used by the Supreme Court

  9. Thank you!!


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