[ad_1] GREAT day at football! Plus, I had a crazy afternoon and evening with my friends. Also, I announce the 2 winners of my Stance sock giveaway.

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I am a 14 year old boy from Utah. I started my channel in December of 2016 to show my things I do throughout my life and help inspire to follow their dreams and that anything is possible. [ad_2]

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  1. Sup dude wish me luck i play today in a hour

  2. 6:44 the dogs tail

  3. And you do great in football by the way

  4. Hey carson if you could give me a shout out that would be amazing and i also love to watch tanner my youtube name is Peyton Dipasquale

  5. Keep up the good work Carson and corin
    I love you guys so much shout me out please

  6. I mean good win

  7. Great game carson ana coren did you guys win

  8. Cool love it

  9. When I look at you if not Carson it reminds me of my self I like to smile for no reason.

  10. Carson you are cool and awesome

  11. I'm leaving not a fan no more

  12. I love the one that you drive and
    crashed the car

  13. What are they laughing about


  15. This clog was on my bday

  16. Hiiiiiiii

  17. I live in forida

  18. l love you carson

  19. l love you carson

  20. l love you carson

  21. Omg this boy is incredible he plays football and finds time to do other things like hangout with friends and school work I am obsessed with this Channel

  22. Heyyy Carson, your such a cute boyfriend to Kesley and you are a great youtuber. Keep up the good work

  23. I played you in this video

  24. I seen in the other vid where ur mom almost got hit , has ur mom ever gotten hit with the football ? While recording you

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