Big win! Handpay! Polar High Roller, $2 denom — red screens!

Big win! Handpay! Polar High Roller, $2 denom — red screens!

[ad_1] Played at River Bend Casino
$2 denom Polar High Roller
Jackpot happened first, then I cashed out $200 from that machine
took it to another where I got it up to $700.
Then I took the $700 to this machine and had a nice win!
All in all, a good night! [ad_2]

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  1. So do you go on certain days or times? Some people say dont go on the weekends or that mornings are the best times to go… do you follow this?

  2. I see you cashed out when the 7’s were dropping after the red screen! Nice, we only like them on the red screens 🙂
    I’m off work today and watching all your videos!!

  3. Someone with the name of Alfred Burns is using this exact video of yours for his page; not even recognizing the sole owner in his video. Should report him.

  4. Awesome set of wins!

  5. I don,t understand why they call it a hand pay when you didn't go into a bonus round and win the total amount with one spin, a lot of your winnings were accumulated from separate spins. Go figure!

  6. awesome win

  7. Nice wins and nice video and editing. I need to figure out how to do that, mine are always just the machine. You and Erica always have the best. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Congratulations on the hand pay. However, I couldn’t watch, those bells ringing were driving me crazy.

  9. Sweetness

  10. Woooooowwwww handpay jackpot ! Congrats ! I have yet to get one but will try soon hopefully it pays .

  11. ANSWER THE PHONE !!!! (LoL !)
    Congrats… Nice hits !

  12. killin it!

  13. WOWZER you were on a heater that day! Very nice OK! Congrats and keep it up!!!!!! 🙂

  14. You are hot!, girl! Keep em coming, thanks for sharing! Congrats, so proud for you.

  15. So, that's two parties at your place and one at Erica place. Congratulations on the big win

  16. Congrats on the handpay, you've been on fire lately!

  17. Awesome win.

  18. Girl you are still on FIRE! I'm gonna call you Katniss! Congrats!!

  19. We love our RED SCREENS out here…But I hate it when that damn Bell keeps ringing forever…

  20. You are definitely on FIRE!! Congrats on the live play and Handpay. Keep on winning!!!

  21. Nice!

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