[ad_1] BIG WIN HIT! 88 FORTUNES SLOT MACHINE BONUS-LIVE PLAY at Cosmopolitan with Jonny and Mark
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  2. On 88 Fortunes, do you know if the little pot of gold thing at the top really has to be filled up visually to trigger that bonus? I often see it get more and more filled up, but can't ever tell if it's really going to trigger. Thanks Diana!

  3. nice line hit

  4. Diana, you were being beaten up on that machine and the one next to you was moving your money to him! I would have a tough time in a group when you feel the need to stay on a dead machine. Better luck next time.

  5. Seems to me when Im playing with 2 machines that are the same only one of them will be zesty.

  6. Diana, even though your machine didn't give you anything I still enjoy watching your video, lol. Hopefully you will get the Jackpot on the next one. Look like everyone is having a great time, lol.

  7. I love 88 Fortunes, she can be sweet and zesty, or she can be a brutal witch. I have seen both moods. You showed both side by side. Sorry Diana, I know you will get the good witch next time. Happy slotting all!!

  8. Oh yea nice one guys!

  9. With all the gambling all you guys do that I watch on YouTube, you're kind of amateurish at times. If it isn't paying, you change your bed amount. Otherwise it's just a slow death.

  10. I had no idea all my gays loved the gambling. I always assumed the far left liberal's hated gambling!

  11. Ugh and those hot boys are from Ireland!!!????? Not fair lol

  12. Nice win Johnny!

  13. Wow, if the turtles pay that well, the Birdies must be ridiculous!

  14. This is my current favorite game! I've had several big hits at my local casino. I usually start low and increase my bet if it's hitting.

  15. this one is so deceiving you keep seing that stuff fly towards the top of the screen and nothing seems to happen.

  16. Congrats to Jonny on some great wins! Diana, how can you expect to have any good fortune when you have Luck of the Irish x2 on the machine right next to you? 🙂

  17. I love you entourage

  18. always a winner in my eyes

  19. Hi Diana,you are brave to go to Vegas in the Heat,don't go outside,lol. Wow nice win! You will have better luck next time Diana,Cheers!!

  20. Tough game.
    Boy the neighbors was great.
    Thanks for sharing

  21. Poor Diana 🙁 Pick it back up girl! 😀

  22. the turtles really pay!!!!!congrats jonny!!!

  23. You'll get them next time Queen D! Do the guys have a youtube channel?

  24. you should of switch seat lol

  25. That's happens to me a lot I will be playing a slot and a person will sit down next to me and they will keep winning. At lease is nice if it is someone you know LOL. Thanks for posting.

  26. If that was a max bet that last win would have been a handpay

  27. Awwww, I was hoping the Big Win was yours! 🙁

  28. Awesome hit! It is scary to think how much the full screen would pay 🙂 Sorry to hear you were losing for two days, that always sucks!

  29. Hellooooooo Ireland. 😉

  30. Next time, take his slot machine 😉

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