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  1. Yeah on my first visit to Vegas I found this game and I have to say as Hugh fan of the TV show and the books I had to play it and at one point I went from $70 to $462 but of course I didn't stop playing and lost it all :/ Please keep in mind if you want a chance at the $700K above you have to play the high bet 3$ or 5$ I didn't know that until few hours before I leave :'(.
    Best of Luck to all 🙂

  2. nice hits. game looks interresting.

  3. sweeeet

  4. Sadly, I hate this machine. Terrible, terrible, terrible payouts. I've lost a lot of money on this and have watched max bet ($10) players lose thousands. Biggest win, bonus or single, I've ever seen was a little over $400 (not including Progressive).
    The TV series is great and the game itself is "fun" to play until you finally realize how bad it pays out.
    To all of my fellow slot players, if you must play this machine, bet low and don't feed it money. Trust me……

    Thanks for the video, Dianaevoni.

  5. diana do you lose more than you win I lost 1200 yesterday 🙁

  6. It's definitely a good one Diana.

  7. Going to Vegas in August…where is the best place to play?

  8. Good one Diana…

  9. Hi Diana,that was a nice little win,fun to watch.

  10. Nice win! Are you a professional at the slots.

  11. Big win I never got a good win guess I will try again next time I go to Foxwoods.

  12. Nice hits! That game is notoriously hard to get a nice win on.

  13. Great video.
    Nice wins.
    Congrats Diana!

  14. Big Win!!! Nice Hit. You rockin' it as always!!!

  15. Nice win! All the Game of Thrones slots around me are 2c denom which is too rich for my blood doing $2 a spin to unlock all 3 reelsets.

  16. just started watching game of thrones on the computer. never bothered watching it before, but im getting into it. nice win Diana.x

  17. BONUS ME! Thanks again for the vids.!. I wanted to mention last time I was in Vegas I did Really well on Texas Tina at Mandalay. I do believe you know the machine. I hit that one for $1,600 and then $3,300 in the same night with $20 bet. They have one in NJ at The Borgata but its 1 cent. They are limited it seems. High Limit rooms are sometimes a good risk reward and the staff kisses you're ass. I guess they figure either your going to Win Big and give some back or Lose Big…

  18. For this machine that was bloody outstanding!

  19. Awesome hits Diana…….does aria have this yet?

  20. FYI, this is your 1,000th video, congrats!

  21. wow what Nice Win

  22. Nice hits and wins D!! You've had a ton of great wins lately, congrats 🙂

  23. I see they found their way to giving you a good tribute again

  24. Decent win there Diana, this slot seems to pay little and often, i haven't seen many wins over $250

  25. This game is so popular this is never one open…looks fun though, many features!

  26. I think that's one if the best The Wall bonus I've seen! Great line hit to get us started! Thanks for sharing Diana!

  27. This game looks fun, hope to find it and play. Nice win btw!

  28. Nice wins! 🙂

  29. I wish they had this game here ! Where's my oz video ha


  31. Great wins, Diana!!! Love this game and show! Congrats!!! 🙂

  32. Nice Bonus Diana and Line Hit!I just put my Video up yesterday on the same Game.

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