Big Win Hockey App Review

Big Win Hockey App Review

[ad_1] Here is my review of the Big Win Hockey app from Hot Head Games. It’s a hockey game with a twist. You get to be the coach and general manager and manage your team. It’s more a card or simulator game.
You get a starter pack which includes your players and you can boost their skills or add new players by buying hockey card packs that include the boosts.
When its time to play you can simply skip to the end of the game or you can watch all 3 periods of hockey, although the clock does count down very fast.
For every win on the ice you get more fans and thus more coins to spend on booster packs.
There are also tournaments within Big Win Hockey to try to get even more prizes.
You can ten buy more virtual money to increase your teams skill faster.
Big Win Hockey is a fun app if you’re into hockey or crd games and don’t really want to play a full game of hockey.
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  1. Game is shit. You end up having to sell all your skill boosts cause the game randomly decides when a player gets a skill boost. I just finished selling 60 add skill and skill boost cards because I was maxed out at 400 something cards and I needed more room The Big impact cards are random just like the wins. You can have the best impact cards and still lose to a worse team with no impact cards

  2. I disagree with everyone saying that this game basically forces you to pay because it doesn't. I have a full platinum team with one superstar and I haven't spent a single penny on this game.

  3. My team is full platinum and renewd contracts 6 times on the same player and I still have him

  4. the game inevitably forces you to pay because you will never get contract cards and enough coins to pay for injuries. 

  5. How do you record your screen

  6. why its writen everywhere "send for translation"??? plz help

  7. See? This guy knows what he's talking about. Big win is awesome

  8. How do you change the players positions

  9. When I opened my first gold pack, I got a jersey design (in terms of colors) much like the former Minnesota North Stars and named them the North Stars. 😀

  10. Thank u that's what I was saying It gets boring just watching I think u should be able to plat the game u know but hey that's just me

  11. i only have big win football and big win baseball i want this one too

  12. This is a highly addictive game. I was able to unlock VAncouver Canucks road Jersey's and team Canada's white jersey. Named a lot of the players after CAnucks greats adn team Canada players.

  13. They gotta make a football one

  14. Join my triphy xavi legends trophy

  15. 69 lol

  16. Its like almost everybody has Patrick Roy as their goalie..I have also..I have played the amazing amount of 4 matches and won 2 and lost 2…Pretty good tho, it aint negative.

  17. I just got this game today, and by spending a total of $0.00, i have 2 gold players, and 4 silver players. Suck it!

  18. i love this game. but i wish there is a 5 on 3 powerplay, penalty shots, and instead overtime and a tie, it should be overtime and a shootout.

  19. This game rocks!! Been playing 4 days now!

  20. challenge candian winnerz

  21. WOW!!!!
    What's your secret?

  22. Jaguars own BWH. 3 straight Daily Trophies, 69-2-4.

  23. I have such bad luck in this game. I barely win

  24. my first tourney i went 9-0-0 in the first 9 and end record was 10-10-0 lol

  25. I know — it's so much fun.

  26. Thank You!
    I'm so grateful for all my subscribers and everyone who watches.

  27. This looks good enough to try out. Get it while it's free!

    Also, congrats on 300 subscribers!

  28. Been playing this for a day or two… and I am constantly surprised at how "smart" the Hockey is.

    The engine isnt perfect, but it is really really good. I have seen al sorts of little touches that happen in hockey games that are ususally not depicted in Hockey games.. Like defenseman sending the puck into the corners (not just on dump-ins) so the forwards can start cycling.

    It's actually pretty fun watching these little game and playing sportscaster.

  29. Cool ! I will give that a try

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