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BIG WIN!! Lightning CASH Slot Machine!!

BIG WIN!! Lightning CASH Slot Machine!!

Lightning Cash slot machines are different from Lightning Link in that the Grand Jackpot isn’t linked but is different for each Slot Machine! Played at The D in Las Vegas!! Enjoy!!!


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32 комментария

  1. Judging by most of your streams it seems you prefer Cortez over the other places, i can honestly say i have never been there…. but I totally enjoy your videos and wish you could Win bonuses on all of them… i would love too see a video of you trying my fav slot slot. DANCING DRUMS i think that is the name of it. Have an awesome day

  2. Just curious how is it your funds don’t disappear we all know in Vegas the house always wins. What is your secret????

  3. After seeing all these slots YouTubers, I had to try the bonus slots. I did pretty good. Felt like I was watching a vid like this one lol. Good times

  4. What is the D? Heading to Vegas May 20 and was wondering if you have any suggestions for Casino's to visit?

  5. Just got home from Vegas. Whe is the El Cortez at?

  6. Once again I'm screaming at my screen "dont put a second hundred into that game!" Lol.
    Konami invented the dead spin!

  7. you are gorgeous.. que dios te bendiga


  9. Konami Konami. Tskk tskk . No good. But great Come Back Sarah

  10. hello sacreé bonus sarah

  11. What a way to come back at the end. That was the best possible scenario! Nice win!

  12. I think that's the worst I've seen on Sparkling Roses. Usually it's more consistent because the pays are so low. Nice hit on Lightning Link. Hopefully someday you'll get a Grand 🙂

  13. I loved watching you play . Thank you

  14. Nicest smile on YouTube!! 😉

  15. hello sarah the slot cats are at the cosmopolitan would be nice too see you in one of their videos as you two slot channels are my favorite good luck and lets get that hand pay

  16. Lets get married

  17. Slots are getting tighter and tighter here. It took $200 to finally get a win. Nice win too, but I would have cashed out after that. lol

  18. Congrats! I just hit $2500 tonight, myself!!!

  19. Nice win!  Congrats!!

  20. Happy you do these videos on you're own and don't have a dude following you around like a puppy!

  21. nice come back and plus you gotten back some of your loss from yesterday that how you come back from each day win loss type still at the end of the week is a profit it's the best thinking you know sarah

  22. I miss Being in Vegas in my 20’s. Some really fun times. Now I’m lucky to make it out once or twice a year. Keep those bonuses rolling!

  23. That was amazing!

  24. Nice win, Sarah. Always like it when you come out ahead.

  25. Great win hi from australia xxx

  26. Get me a big Sarah!!! I love the twinkle in your eye when you win the big cash!!! Go get'em tiger!!

  27. 🙂 its always nice to see a come  back win 🙂 Best of luck on the next game. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  28. Good job hanging in there.

  29. The smell of them roses wasn't sweet at all, awesome bonus there to recover. Always a beautiful Smile win or lose : )

  30. Awesome comeback win!!

  31. $400 profit nice!

  32. Good luck Sarah love your smile as usual!

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