[ad_1] An absolutely HEART STOPPING bonus on SJW. I don’t often grab thumbnails from the game itself specifically but this one was just too breath-taking. Enjoy.

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  1. That was a great bonus! I'd you go to my channel I have a bonus on this where I only bet 80c and won almost $400! It was crazy!

  2. Up a $100. Whats so big about that win?

  3. Shame it didn’t make the full screen, what would that have paid??

  4. Always Max Bet…

  5. I win.. once in a while.. I guess I'm still GOING back to bingo.. on Tuesday to win..

  6. you def know how to spoil your fans :). Great win … you deserve it! Hi Brent Mommy 🙂

  7. push the collect button after each spin to hurry it up haha

  8. Your so cute when the machine was teasing you.. Hugs from Las Vegas

  9. why do I always have a bad luck

  10. hit me up guys

  11. how much did you win? I couldn't see…how exciting tho

  12. Proud of you!

  13. How much time and money are you spending at the casino to be able to produce so many big win videos? These wins don't come to often for the average player.

  14. This looks a good game.

  15. how do In get the game so I can play it

  16. Hi I noticed you were not your cursing like a gay sailor self during this video? what gives? take care. Hawk

  17. Always love the jingle when you win even the smallest thing haha

  18. Have you ever been to the soda fountain Disney store in Hollywood California?

  19. Hi are you a millionaire?

  20. is this the hard Rock casino ohio

  21. gay men who gamble will be the death of me haha

  22. Brents Mom sounds like a Fox! Nice winbtw

  23. Do you normally just stay at one machine whole night ?

  24. Gay is right.  Freeze-frame of a jackpot that doesn't exist.  Plus, since when is 100x "HEART STOPPING" or a "BIG WIN!" ?   You owe me $5.00 for my wasted time.

  25. Why did he mention that this is a gay channel?

  26. haha.. o i doubled my money

    but u thought for a sec u hit the grand jackpot

  27. Don't u know never gamble during holiday time they got make there donation limit

  28. That was a close one Brent, you almost had a hand pay

  29. Lol'ed I thought they don't allow filming in casinos

  30. Too funny. Loved the video.  Nice win.

  31. sweet!

  32. Nice Win!

  33. Glad you had a heart-stopping bonus Those don't come up very often anymore.

  34. Very nice bonus!

  35. Exciting last spin there! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  36. Hi Mom! Great hit and fun to watch! Thanks for posting……

  37. i was all into it when those tiki huts came up.. Good job Brent :-p

  38. Quit touching the screen…so annoying

  39. great wi! what a tease at the ed i was gonna throw y eat the screen

  40. Oh Brent so close.
    .but that was a great bonus
    Enjoyed your video a lot.
    Thanks for sharing

  41. Nice win Felicia!

  42. Nice win. Where was this at?

  43. NICE HIT

  44. I saw that thumbnail and thought you did better than my hit. NOPE! 😀 Would've been a sight though!

  45. Wow… so close!!!! Nice win and Nice video!

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