BIG WIN! MEGA FREE GAMES! Harley Davidson Slot Machine!!!

BIG WIN! MEGA FREE GAMES! Harley Davidson Slot Machine!!!

[ad_1] Tried Harley Davidson Motorcycles slot machine for the first time! What makes this slot unique is that the Free Spins accumulate over time making it possible to get a huge number of Spins!

I got the Mega Free Games which is the top Free Games Bonus for a BIG WIN! Enjoy!!!


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  1. I played this in the U.P Michigan…i won mega big…good game

  2. Nice, just hit the mega with 119 spins

  3. Great job, I play the same machine where I am from, . Love it!! Thanks for sharing

  4. 1 like your voiceeeee

  5. You r so beauty, i like youuuuuuuu. Aaaaaaaaa

  6. Nice win! I live in Reno and have never seen this game. Anyone know where in Reno I can find the game? Is there a link that lists all the casinos that have this game? Thanks in advance for any help.

  7. I watched the Harley vid again. Great bonus that was. Now you're a hot biker chick. Lol

  8. She is so cute

  9. You would look hot on a bike

  10. I ride a 08 Harley super glide and know Jack about motorcycles accept it's a blast. Wish we had this game here. Good luck

  11. Getting teased doesn't raise the free spins, if u hit a mini or maxi or mega on the last reel on a non-bonus spin it raises that one up,1 spin, whichever one hits on,the last reel.

  12. Yo baby keep playing them these machines are as sour as straight lemon juice been there done that they suck.

  13. What i like about you is in the beginning when you are start talking your face is straight, a little bit sad but then when you are ready comes that beautiful smile.

  14. Lady… Hi …

  15. If you play an Evel Kinevel slot machine I guarantee you will win a whole lot more.

  16. great win

  17. Nice win Sarah.

  18. Hey SL — thanks for the video! I saw this slot machine (Harley Davidson) in our local casino but I have never played it. So tonight I thought I would give it a try. Max bet was $2 and it was a lot of fun. It let me play for 45 minutes on a $150! I got wheel bonus twice (nothing too huge — largest was $50) but getting any of the free spins (mini — max — mega) was difficult. All three were on fire and I was only able to get the mini for 25 spins x1 for around $75. Mega x3 was at a whopping 50 spins! I wanted to stay longer but ran out of time.
    Nice game and thanks for the video! If it wasn't for you, I pretty sure I would have never played it.

  19. I loved how she kept on screaming out wild wild wild. It put me into a nice daydream!. Nice win. I am not sure I have ever seen that slot before.

  20. Great entertainment. Thank you. Good luck!

  21. Gambling to much.

  22. That turned out well❤️

  23. Nice…500 bones! Btw, you need to do some kinda shampoo commercial! That's some badass hair ya got there eh!

  24. Nice try. I like your style!!!

  25. Nice win Sarah. 🙂

  26. New subscriber. Awesome content!! Are you doing any live recordings in the future? Thanks.

  27. Congrats on the big win! 🙂

  28. Awesome! You should play cleopatra Fort Knox! I’d love to see you hit big on that one! 🙂

  29. Or try keno!

  30. Try playing 2 machines simultaneously. Love to hear your reactions….cmon one, two, ooh, sour nice yabba yabba dooo!

  31. ya ride that harley Sarah !

  32. Vroom! Vroom Easy(rider) win. Sarah WTG!

  33. Félicitations pour ce très beau gain

  34. Excellent wins and video!

  35. Awesome win… don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone make that much on Harley davidson

  36. Very nice game! Yeah!Brava!

  37. Please update your playlists on youtube. You have a ton of videos and non on playlist. People let that stuff run when there in the shower when there about to fall sleeping and while sleeping. You will get a hella lot views just by accident.

  38. I chased a mega the other day with 168 free games ! I chased but I did not catch lol. Great win

  39. Nice WIN !!!! 😉


  41. Sarah and Mary-самые красивые имена.

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