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  1. Mom spanking again

  2. Mama was on fire! Fun to watch!


  4. Congratulations on finding a successful way to play slots and get paid for it via YouTube. I find it disappointing that you're not allowed to use identity play or point play on Megabucks. C'mon, by not allowing players to use free play on Megabucks, they're only hurting sales and keeping players away from higher house edge games. Also, if someone wins with free play for THAT much money, it makes for a much better story!

  5. i think the machine likes your mom better then you lol good video

  6. Let's hear for the parents.

  7. 7:15 <Goosebumps>

  8. mom is killing it…way 2go mom.

  9. Way to go Mom!

  10. nice !!

  11. nice hit mom!

  12. Love it when you play slots with your Mommy! Congrats on her win! My Mom and I go together too! Such a fun time ♡

  13. Love this video. It made me miss my mom. We use to go to the casino together. My mom would come out a head to.

  14. Way to go mom!!!! Congrats!!!

  15. I knew once mom started playing , it was winning time!  how awesome  good4u/asalwaysgoodluck

  16. Good for mom, congrats!!

  17. Hope your Mom will bring you "good luck" to hit the megabuks JACKPOT!!!! good luck

  18. Go Mom!

  19. WTG Mom. Nice win
    Thanks for sharing Diana

  20. Wow! Diana — Your Mother's game was super hot in a short period of time. I have never witnessed that many hits on a 1- reel game in such a short time. Great video. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  21. WOW your mom was hitting some big ones! Congrats to her!!

  22. wow, wtg Mom!! that was quite a streak. sometimes they're hot and sometimes they're not. great fun to watch! Better luck next time, Diana!!

  23. Way to Go MOM! Nice Hit…

  24. so happy for your mom… congrats..

  25. Its nice that you caught it. One after another

  26. Your mom was very lucky!!! 🙂

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