BIG WIN! MR CASHMAN! Slot Machine!

BIG WIN! MR CASHMAN! Slot Machine!

[ad_1] First time trying the original Mr. Cashman slot Machine! Took me a while to figure out the bet amount and Pays LOL! I will say that this slot can definitely pay and the random Bonus is really cool! Enjoy!!!


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26 комментариев

  1. don't try to figure out the math just make wonderful slot videos and look pretty!

  2. Blue unicorn is a scatter, Mr. Cashman is a random feature and I think that there are 5 different random "bonuses" you can get. Diamonds substitute for unicorns as long as you have at least 1 and need three of them total (including diamonds) to get the scatter. Good video though, funny for sure. I kept talking to you through my screen like you could hear me hahah most all Cashman machines operate the same

  3. I love how those old Aristocrat games can pay huge amounts in some line hits. That never happens on new slots.

  4. Who needs Mr Cash man when you get a line hit like that

  5. Such a beautiful smile ….

  6. Why that bckground music, you sound a million times better… to hear you while you play. Btw i just subscribed you.

  7. Nice… review great blue gaes

  8. Loviu <3

  9. Good morning how r u? U have face book???

  10. Good music they’re playing! Great win!

  11. Another great video sorry I missed your Sunday live chat been super busy keep it up your awesome!

  12. Got to love a bit of Bill Haley & His Comets — Alligator & The Chiffons — He's so fine playing in the background. Did you win, my bad i was dancing here and not paying attention?. :P.

  13. Awesome win Sarah! 🙂

  14. I love the cashman slots. The diamonds make the whole reel wild

  15. great line hit

  16. My Favorite Machine of all time! The Cashman is a Bonus and does not matter what is on the screen! It is just a Bonus! So Fun Congrats!

  17. I wish u all the best

  18. Thank you beautiful oxoxo

  19. Mr Cashman games are the most random and confusing slots ever made lol. Nice hit though

  20. Just wouldn't be gambling without some Creedence playing in the background, LOL! Awesome win but a very confusing game.

  21. Hi Sarah enjoyed u playing one of my favorite slots., have won lot of money on it. There r other different Cashman games. Play again.

  22. I love that you are playing all these old slots!

  23. May I ask where did you find this game at please say Vegas I want to play it I love cashman

  24. Best kind of win is the WT# I won $400 . doesn't matter how it works as long as you win right?

  25. Hi Sarah , when i win big than i stop playing wit that game and change game . İs that good ? Or can i better play further ?

  26. Diamonds made the whole reel wild. Didn't yiu see the dotted lines?

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