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  1. This machine like seesaw game , pay and take , hard to win !!!!!!

  2. Nice win Diana. I love the link games. My favorite is both lighting link & Century link.

  3. Just when LL was starting to annoy me, they brought these two out. I like them. Nice Big Ball Bonus at the end. I can’t ever land Big Balls at 5 or 10 cents. Only at 1 or 2 cents. I did manage 2 Majors in one night tho. That’s my accomplishment. Thanks for the video

  4. Lucky balls I should say, Diana! lol

  5. Great ending bonus, TYFS!!!

  6. Yay, been waitting for your videos.

  7. I was in Las Vegas last weekend and I had lots of fun and made some money.

  8. Nice win on a new machine, great play!

  9. I will try this lightning link at my local casino next Friday. Great bonus at the End, Diana!

  10. Love the intro ! Tough game but you got revenge on the last bonus! Great video !

  11. The Buddha sounds very menacing. Kinda creepy. He's supposed to be gentle…not want to eat you.

  12. Dianna on one of your trips please be on the look out for candy hit…..I bet 3.00 got 5288.00. It's a really fun machine

  13. I won $1,000 on that game the other night. Fifty cent bet. Got the major in my free spins.

  14. Well done. I do like the $3.75 bet

  15. love yur intro shall i call yu queeny

  16. That was great cool winnings thanks best of luck Diana

  17. Nice video Diana! I played this for my first time this past weekend at my local. No such luck LOL. You did great!

  18. Good job Diana. Great way to end it.

  19. Australia have had them for a few months now
    I was wondering when you were gonna do a featured video !

  20. Great win Diana! I love Lightning Link.

  21. Lol Diana loves big BALLS Nice to see a decent number show up every time I saw this bonus at my local no matter what they were betting 3x there bet was the biggest number that would pop up

  22. Hey Dianna,

    Glad to see they finally got this game in for you! This is the game i was talking about a while back! My favourite versions are still the tigers and autumn moon. In the tigers I have done well on the high limit, the bonus basically removes lower symbols and "stacks" premium symbols, Autumn moon is just a fun one and I think the design is quite beautiful.

    Hope all is going well at home, Have you ever considered doing a video at your local ? or do you prefer keeping it strictly to the casino's?

  23. Nice win!!

  24. love the intros as always ….love a first spend bonus

  25. Diana will not be denied her gongs!

  26. Fantastic wins Diana. Congratulations

  27. Nice bonus thanks

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