Big Win NHL Episode 1

Big Win NHL Episode 1

[ad_1] First episode in my Big Win NHL series [ad_2]

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  1. Im watching in 2019 still no episode 3 or 2 for other games :/

  2. What's your friend code

  3. I've played against this guy before

  4. Look at my team I have a 87 rating

  5. hey anyone up to the challenge of playing me my rating is 76
    my friend code 198203564
    Im think in the near future of setting up an online Tournament bracket
    Talk to me on nhl big win for more details.

  6. Hey im new to Youtube and i post Big Win NHL and NHL 15 videos. So come check out my channel!

  7. Btw if you sign up with ever play you can upload it like that instead like this

  8. New series will come out sometime today!!!  

  9. That is good game, love it 🙂

  10. Can you play as official NHL club like Chicago Black Hawks in a season?

  11. ok, thanks

  12. Do you need internet connection for playing this game?

  13. Second video will be out in an hour

  14. nice job

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