BIG WIN on Book of Dead Slot — £7.50 Bet!

BIG WIN on Book of Dead Slot — £7.50 Bet!

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  1. If you play book of dead on 5 lines do you still get 10 lines on the bonus? It looks like it in your video

  2. Cloud off be been £4000 if you had the coin value at a £1.00 and the coin on the 1 but nice win

  3. Do you now how much your encouraging gambling I watch your streams but my cousin as just lost his house through gambling and when I spoke to him and asked him how it all started it was your streams and seeing your wins so just be careful what your promoting mate good luck

  4. Makes money off his referrals losing 🙂

  5. 5 lines are good..:)

  6. Definitely trying this on 5 lines …nice hit lad

  7. Bet size gets bigger and bigger just like your addiction oh no you are not addicted right

  8. Nick is on a roll keep it up man well done

  9. Insane win, congratulation. Maybe I should try some five lines on the Book, it seems pretty good 🙂

  10. Yeah Nick! This bonus give you a good morning! Hope to see another big win soon!

  11. Some good hits lately…nice one Nick

  12. Amazing mate well done make sure you get involved with top tipster next week you have gave Kim reggie and rock n roller a head start lol

  13. Nice hit nick 🙂

  14. Nice hit mate, good to see the book paying for a change 🙂

  15. Yasss. Get in…..well done AGAIN lol

  16. gg

  17. <3

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