BIG WIN on Dragon Born!!!

BIG WIN on Dragon Born!!!

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20 комментариев

  1. fantastic payback mate…

  2. Well done again Paul. That one spin missing the K on the end was a pisser though. GL on your next stream

  3. dude how the fk you build this up every Stream lol  you should start at 5k everyday lol

  4. You are the luckiest guy I know

  5. when starts the madness tonight?

  6. Is there a stream tonight

  7. Stream later?

  8. damn looks like i misses another big stream last night

  9. @rocknrolla
    Any chance you own a black rib? Strange question lol working on one that says "rocknrolla" down each side

  10. Yes…a big win even i can appreciate. Good win mate

  11. Brilliant win, would have thought with all those spins that you would have had a few more retriggers

  12. Why do u all bang on thst this ronza capa is decent for a big win ,, its a cheap ass bottle lmfao

  13. Such an awesome stream last night, shame you couldn't make it to a 4th Ronza moment.
    There's always tonight! All the best.

  14. nice one buddy! congrats again

  15. 5 scatters is soooo fucking rare. Nice win.

  16. I remember telling you to play Dragon born about a year ago but they only had it on sky vegas then.I won £3750 on a £5 bet without the bonus on a normal spin and the day before I won £1300 on a £2 bet so with the £3750 I done degenerate bets to try get the bonus and win over 10k but I lost the £3750 don't regret it but this slot paid out for me weeks after weeks after weeks until sky vegas closed my account. miss this game loads it pays so well what website are you playing this on?

  17. Boom

  18. Bosh

  19. Epic stream last night mate. Well done. You deserve some good luck

  20. 1.

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