BIG WIN on Dragon Link! + Max Bet Fast Cash Timberwolf Slot Machine!

BIG WIN on Dragon Link! + Max Bet Fast Cash Timberwolf Slot Machine!

[ad_1] Dragon Link has been awesome lately! The streak continues at the El Cortez in Downtown Las Vegas! Enjoy!!!

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18 комментариев

  1. Good vídeo,siempre ganas,besos preciosa.

  2. Sarah is so incredibly hot!

  3. Fast Cash — Ya, took your cash fast:(

  4. cmon… throw it up throw it up!!! she says. lol awsome nice win

  5. Fast cash I've found is a bit harder to get a profit but well done on Dragon link xx


  7. he was sour after paying you 500$

  8. I want to play what you play but we never have them here

  9. Nice win on Dragon Link Sarah ….we miss u!

  10. Love seeing the wins!

  11. still better than most people

  12. You have such a beautiful smile.  You do so remind my husband and I our daughter, Jenn!  Especially when you smile. You are a lovely, lovely young lady! I bet your Mother and father are so proud of you too.  So industrious and special!  God bless!

  13. Yay I met Sarah ! In person and she was so nice ! Me and the wife were in Vegas and randomly ran into her she was so very kind to take a break and let us get a picture ! Thank you slotlady made our trip even more awesome! Plus we started winning right after seeing you ! Keep up the awesome content .

  14. Nice! It couldn’t happen to a more delightful lady. Well played.

  15. HOLY MOLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. 🙂  I find any win has its gratification as do the loses. 🙂  Best of luck on the next game. 🙂 🙂

  17. Brave lady with the bets and a great result !!!!!

  18. 27 dollars and a quick jingle? what's too complain about? lol

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