BIG WIN on Elemental Beasts Slot — £6 Bet!

BIG WIN on Elemental Beasts Slot — £6 Bet!

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24 комментария

  1. Not that great really spinning 6 quid a time.

  2. How do I get YouTube to stop recommending his channel. The bloke bores me worse than Stop and Step. Both have something in common though, neither can eat without getting beans down their shirts

  3. The potential here is massive!

  4. Is there any chance for support? My channel is about betting systems. Please check if you like soccer.

  5. Idiot

  6. That just made me trip out 5 times

  7. Love watching you be utterly confused. I'd be happy for you about the win, if you weren't such a Richard.

  8. All he says is what is this

    It is a bonus deal with it O.K. have a nice session and wish you the best in the future;)

  10. I’ve caught several nice bonuses on Frank this week. thanks for taking the time to upload and share!

  11. It’s not really a big win on £6 stake is in only 200x that would be a big win on £1 stake

  12. Nice win Nick

  13. Played this the other day, confused me too lol. You need at least 6 bonus symbols (+6 spins) to get more spins during the round. 200x ain’t shabby though…

  14. Weird game, but nice win. Get in.

  15. "yawn" Streamer gets bonus, streamer gets bonus on big bet, streamer touches for a big win( deja vu )whilst the rest of us struggle to get a bonus on min bet these guys bust them out no dramas at all when will you lot wake up?????

  16. i was thinking " nothing could outweird the kingmaker bonus" , nick. Massive lolz — welcome to the new weird. Still a great win tho

  17. played this yesterday just because I accidentally clicked on it, got the bonus boost first spin and ending up winning £124 on 40p. Had no idea what was going on

  18. I was so confused at the start lol, you actually don't want wins at the start. Nice win mate. That's us up to 148 Subs on the Low Stake Slots channel mate. I'm loving playing and making videos. So glad I plucked up the courage to do it. Watching you gave me the courage, thanks mate

  19. Nice One

  20. Lovely win buddy keep it up hope you have a fantastic weekend an see you Monday pal.

  21. Good win bro

  22. Very nice win nick

  23. fuck knows what was going on there but nice hit lol

  24. The bonus round on this game is really weird. I kinda like it though. Sort of a back and forth between collecting wins and collecting spins.

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