BIG WIN on Golden Ticket!!!!

BIG WIN on Golden Ticket!!!!

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  1. I have a video that I havent uploaded yet, and I won 100$ on this exact card about 2 weeks ago.

  2. Huge win 50 bucks congrats keep up the good work. More scratch ticket.

  3. Hilarious Super mario introduction?

  4. loved the intro! I think the most I've won on a $5 ticket is $50. I won $200 on a $2 Break the Bank and $300 on the $3 Loteria tho.

  5. A few days ago I won $200 on a $5 ticket!! 🙂

  6. Nice win

  7. First off, thats the best animation you have done so far! Your getting really good. I wish I had that software on linux. Awesome win on a $5 ticket! The most I have gotten on a $5 is $50! lolz Well those tickets are on the way so we'll see if you can change that! Keep up the good luck!

  8. nice win

  9. $100 on $5 Monopoly

  10. Dude awesome Win!! Most I have won on a $5 Mega Bucks was $500. Won it twice actually. Been a very long time ago tho.But It was def sweet!!!

  11. 2000

  12. Nice win brother. Best I've done o $5 tickets is a $100 which I've hit several times actually have a couple on video on here also nice intro

  13. $500 on $5 ticket 4 Times 3 Times on fabulous 500 and once on X the money from Pennsylvania

  14. I won 500 on a five dollar crossword game.

  15. $2000.00 on a 5 dollar ticket sir

  16. love this intro

  17. Nice win !…I still have my Nintendo game and Mario..Ty for sharing and lovr your videos..From Kandy in Austin ♡

  18. nice do you like that ticket now lol

  19. Been a while but highest was $1000 on two different 5dollar tickets, about 2 months apart from each other, cool intro James!!


  21. snap crackle pop

  22. I've won $500 3 times on $5 tickets. Super Loteria, Houston Texans, and Dallas Mavericks

  23. surprise lol. nice hit! biggest one $5 tickets.. $500 3 times. got one on video (Queen of Hearts) single match!

  24. that was an awesome single match

  25. I win 700 on a 5 dollar card and I bunch of 500s too

  26. Hi man I got a £200 on a £5 ticket in the UK about 5 weeks ago . Good luck

  27. $100 on a $5 card. Truth be known people have a better chance buying a $20^ card. $5 cards people play to often and with clerks watching rolls it hard to win on them. But they are cheap and would rarely buy a $20 card. Trust me money isnt in $5 cards…they are trash really. Fun little scratch but really a waste of money. $20 and $50 yield better wins/better odds

  28. This was definitely a Golden Ticket!! Love it and the intro was so much fun!

  29. Congrats bro!! Glad she gave you those by mistake. Last summer, I had 2 $500 winners within a week on the $5 Funky 5's. That was a week to remember.

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