BIG WIN on Jurassic Park Slot — £3.60 Bet

BIG WIN on Jurassic Park Slot — £3.60 Bet

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  1. your luck nick nice win

  2. when playing at casinocalzone could you on ur obs add an image to block the balance on top left screen, u see a big win and u know how much its going to pay without even adding up lol.
    the orange bit with ur name + balanace 😀

  3. Nickslots is funding these streams out of other gamblers losses that sign up through his links to gambling sites…not once as he funded a stream with his own money fact…ffs people wake up..let him fund a stream with his own money and let's see his face when he does his bollocks in…let him have the feelings us proper gamblers have when we do our bollocks in…ye see all these gambling affiliates are living off gamblers backs…fact…nickslots don't reply cause I dunt believe a word you say..

  4. Ahh so that's why it's refused to give me bonus tonight.. you've taken its money lol!!

  5. Well done mate

  6. Get the fuck in there sorry could not watch internet was down but nice win like it u play small steaks and can have fun so happy u won that 20k no one deseve it more than u buddy

  7. Nice win Nick. 🙂

  8. The old ones way better than the new one! Features are alot more volatile but the chance of a big win when you get those 3 ambers is much better. Good win m8

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