Big Win on Lotus Flower at Aria Casino in Vegas

Big Win on Lotus Flower at Aria Casino in Vegas

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  1. I hit the same thing. Except it was a penny machine! $66 on a 20¢ bet isn't bad though.

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  3. At $20 a spin I would expect a hand pay. OK win for the money expended I suppose.

  4. No.

  5. It's a dollar machine. He's betting $20.00 a spin, that is why he had a hand pay of $6694.00 DOLLARS.

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  7. Super hit but I'd wet my pants betting $20, so the casino asked me to refrain from it.

  8. Is this rigged? Is it a commercial for IGT Machines?

  9. Yeah and now your CAPS LOCCK key seems to be broken. Take some of the winnings and buy a new keyboard.

  10. nice hit

  11. Well, he has over $9k in credits

  12. $6,694.00.

  13. fuck off only 20c fuck that I dont bet eny thing under 2.50

  14. @winks888 *Means they had 50.00 left of freeplay, don't mean this is not a real win or whatever you're thinking.

  15. Im not brave enough to bet $20.00 yet. LOL

  16. @eradic7…I don't think 6k….you agree?..I'm thinking anywhere from $4-500 tho….too rich for my blood…Congratz deaner100!…*hail*…You're the kind of player I love to watch in casinos!

  17. WOW ~_~

  18. wow nice i'm betting more for now on heck

  19. Nice. I will be going to the Aria this summer. keeping my fingers crossed for better luck here than what I had at the mandalay bay.

  20. Holy moly! Impressive!

  21. Way to Go!!

  22. How much did you put in?

  23. Nice!!

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