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A great new slot from Big Time Gaming and a great big win for Rip and Dip. After grinding some houses for the bonus free spins, Rip and Dip managed to get a really good bonus on Monopoly Megaways. They managed to get up to a 28x multiplier and they also had some retriggers. Unfortunately the last retrigger did not pay of with winning anything but at the end the total win was a really good big win. Seems like this slot has some big potential if you are lucky and connect on a high multiplier. Subscribe for more big win videos and watch our live stream for more casino slots entertainment.

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  1. Played this game no end in December threw hundreds at it, very lucky streak. Well done

  2. nearly 500x nice boys 🙂 i just a 680x my first decent bonus and ironically my first on here shame it was only a20p stake though

  3. This game is soooooo fucked!! I have tested many slot machines, this gotta be the worst one. First of all, in the main game, it is somehow VERY difficult to get a spin of 3 or more explosions. And even doing so, considering you are lucky enough to land a property, you gain only 1 HOUSE on THAT property. And you need 5 houses on ONE property. It took me like 2 hours of test-playing where I was like 700x stake down to finally hit a bonus. Then the bonus gave me around 30x… PLUS there's this myth of "community chest" awarding you with houses… It almost NEVER happened to me. Only a few times. To make this game fair at least:

    — Landing on properties with houses in the main game should give you an award like multiplier
    — It should be more likely to get three or more explosions in a spin
    — Landing 3 explosions should award you wit a house, even when you're not on a property

    Then maybe this game could be something. But imagine you have to waste several hundreds times your stake before you finally reach the world's most difficult bonus to get, and it's not even greater than any other typical bonus…

  4. Nice win, this game never pays for me, congratz!

  5. I dunno bout that game 28x multi would be insane in like every other game. Still a great win tho!! Keep up!

  6. "If you're on the kitchen listening on speaker, get to the computer now!" xD

  7. ):

  8. 🙂

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