BIG WIN on Napoleon Slot — £10 Bet!

BIG WIN on Napoleon Slot — £10 Bet!

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26 комментариев

  1. Amazing M8

  2. Closest I’ve seen to a wild line, just imagine, great hit anyway

  3. Nice one Nick!

  4. Always got to be cautious of somebody that blocks every negative comment. Funny how the customers do not get these wins but affiliates get them every day.

  5. Is that just one line of kings?!?

  6. when did u hit that nick missed ur last few streams,congratz nice win was due 🙂

  7. Can i know the metal casino hack story.

  8. Played this game last night. It paid fuck all on all 3 of the bonuses

  9. That scatter though FFS. Nice hit anyway dude GG

  10. Beautiiiiiìfuuuuuulllllll! YOU LUCKY BASTARD ! Nice win Nick!

  11. Bloody scatter blocker

  12. Imagine if that scatter wasn't there

  13. 250X come on Nick its good because of a high bet, nothing impressive here mate.

  14. Nice 1 mate

  15. See not mess with the nick well done bad boy nice to see you get a big win

  16. Yes mate!

  17. K A R M A

  18. First I thought you were being sarcastic, but then I remembered how insane this slot pays for a 5-of-a-kind and those weird "Koi Princess" lines.
    Sweet hit!

  19. Nice win there Nick

  20. Hey mate what was up with metal yesterday evening nothing was working
    An great win mate

  21. awesome nick! Miss your stream lol get better soon!

  22. Nice win well done

  23. How come theres been no streams past few days mucker?

  24. I’ve been on holiday nick I missed a few sessions but I will watch all videos and smash the like button for ya

  25. Sweet hit with the weird lines on that game!

  26. Only if the bonus was top symbol on napoleon

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