BIG Win on Quick Hits Slot Machine at Wynn Las Vegas

BIG Win on Quick Hits Slot Machine at Wynn Las Vegas

[ad_1] In today’s video, we decided to try and conquer the Quick Hits Ultra Pay game at Wynn Las Vegas. You know how our typical Las Vegas casino shenanigans go, so we picked up some drinks, tossed some money into the machine, and starting hitting free games and bonuses.

The point of this game is simple. If you get 9 quick hits on the pay lines, you receive the Grand jackpot. Or you can get the three bonus symbols on a payline and you receive the free bonus games.

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We started playing the game and immediately we began to receive slot machine bonuses and then it began retriggering more than 3 times! Slot galore in this video so take a peek!

«Who’s Getting Lucky»

We feature Eric from Louisville, KY! He was playing Quick Hits, and he received some amazing 1000X+ wins! You gotta take a peek if you’ve ever played this slot machine before!

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Thanks for watching Lady Luck HQ =)

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  2. She’s kinda hot

  3. Silverton Casino at Las Vegas the worth casino we ever saw
    If your not Asian you will not win or offeres nothing
    Reses casino

  4. I love the hat go blue!

  5. Did you get a free bowl of soup with that hat? Go Bucks!!

  6. love the hat

  7. Muy bien y tú cuando vienen a central city colorado

  8. Hola

  9. Nice run on the quick hits. Congrats again.

  10. Great job!! Love quick hits!!! You need a PO box so I can send some surprises to you!!!

  11. That Quick Hits game hates me but one day I’ll get the bonus on it! You guys did awesome!

  12. Shes cute haha

  13. I love this game but my casino has max bet at $2.50 — amazing wins on $5 bets

  14. Good run , that guys was lucky with .90cents bet .and the second picture after that was $1.50 bet

  15. Love your hat!!! My son plays football for M. GO BLUE!!!!!
    (Just subbed)

  16. Forgot to mention we like the Omaha Steaks commercial….great value and in the middle of the video…thx Todd

  17. We dont have casinos in Kentucky.

  18. On the "Whose getting lucky" segment, that looked like 2 separate wins, wow!

  19. Wow now that was a pretty good job on a $5.00 bet..we are going to the Encore tonight….we will play this machine….3 bonuses in 8minutes….video was clear and we can see the full screen Thank you….Todd and Charmaine Anne…

  20. Mom and I hit 7 quick hits at the Orleans for $400 on a $3 bet machine showed the other two quick hit if they would have landed it would have been $11000 for 9 and $3500 for 8

  21. omg yess!! GO BLUE 🙂

  22. awesome sesssion <3

  23. Monkeys Fortune one of my favorite machines to play. In fact when I was visiting my grand mother in Kingman Arizona she took me to Laughlin on evening and after dinner we sat down at two of the Monkeys Fortune machines side by side and its the first time ever that I had seen simultaneously side by side machines hit 7 quick hit line hits, I won $380 and my grandma hit $421. Awesome win to you and your hubby, looks like y'all are living it up in Vegas and having a wonderful time!! Cant wait to see the next winning slot play from you guys, good luck till the next big line hit or bonus!!!!

  24. Muy bien

  25. I was hoping to be first!

  26. GO BLUE!!!

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