BIG WIN on Reactoonz Slot — £20 Bet!

BIG WIN on Reactoonz Slot — £20 Bet!

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24 комментария

  1. which casino site is this pls anyone ?

  2. Because these wins happen to us all ffs lol

  3. Some interesting comments on here….personally i would like to see a huge win with a 60p to £1 bet as this is not realistic…as for people who are knocking Nick,the guy plays these for several hours daily and will hit a win or two,law of averages….but please do not get hooked,you do not win in the long run….i lost thousands and when i did have a large win once,the casino(which was blacklisted weeks after)refused to pay………stay away!

  4. Anyone know a site in the uk I can buy a bonus for sweet bonanza?

  5. Member when he used to bet .60 p.

  6. Did you see bandits win on jammin jars the other day

  7. He’s like David ladouchesky or labors my for you inbreds.

    Nick man you’re reactions are girly and you have no job but to live off other people. You’re trash bruh.

  8. What a win nice one

  9. Congratulations on the huge score, Nick!

  10. When was this? Old vid? You've had a shaved head all week. Not a doubter mate, just asking a question on the doubters minds.

  11. Not even 400x, I hate this slot, just like jammin jars it’s never payed me more than 10x

  12. Not even 500x

  13. Great win Nick, always pleased for you, it’s a shame dickheads have to have a pop at chipmonk on your video, keep the wins coming matey

  14. Ignore this charade, he gets paid by the online casino to win and get problems gamblers hooked. This is a new investigation set up around these videos, false advertising.

  15. nice hit nick,hope you and wife and girls are well.

  16. Nice to see you get a good hit on garga. Cheers!

  17. Nice win Nick, Garga pays eventually!

  18. Great win Nick hopefully run Carry's on next week

  19. I still don't understand this game but hell of a win!!

  20. Its always i come back ive never really seen you lose hahahah

  21. now whit that money get yourself a fukin online haircut

  22. Beautiful

  23. fucking idiot

  24. Fuk yeah get In

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