BIG WIN on Ruby Slippers — £0.60 Bet

BIG WIN on Ruby Slippers — £0.60 Bet

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  1. bout time you changed casino I'd of done gala casino tho.
    but we will see

  2. wow 100 not even a bonus

  3. Hey man just come across your channel, seems like youre enjoying the slot games, just a quick question, i registered on casumo yesterday and hoping to get some occasional wins, with your experience would you say you make more then you deposit? or about the same? I know its about luck but i mean on average how often do you get big wins? Also any game recommendations? I started on wheel of furtune and played maybe 5 others but fortune seems to be the best one so far for me. Thanks man

  4. rip baskets the dream

  5. Why you left Casumo lad?

  6. awe well done xx

  7. Nice winner Nick 🙂 wonder whether casumo will increase the level system 🙂

  8. nice ding ding!

  9. So close to a monster, still very nice, u left casumo for unibet now nick?

  10. nice win

  11. awesome !

    new casino……1st day — you tube video.

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