BIG WIN! on Triple Double Stars! Happy 4th of JULY!

BIG WIN! on Triple Double Stars! Happy 4th of JULY!

[ad_1] Happy 4th of July for my lovely American subscribers and viewers celebrating 4th of July! I hit a great run on this Americana themed Slot Machine for a BIG WIN! Enjoy!!!


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  1. machine was giving good play even before those hits….great session

  2. Thanks Sarah. Nice few hits you had there 🙂

  3. How much do you drink before you do your intro?

  4. What casino is this at?

  5. You sure are easy on the eyes. Canadian though 🙁 lol

  6. this is why i don't play single line slots. 3 or 5 if i am going to play dollar slots.

  7. Nice Win Sarah! no bonus rounds.. no fireworks.. just a couple good spins and you doubled yur money.. I def. would go for that

  8. Very good. El Cortez machine. I played that one for 300.00 left with 0 hehe

  9. Who thumbs down this?

  10. Nice smile

  11. Thank you for responding a million followers I’m curious how many hours a week you work

  12. gostei dessa moça q linda abraço

  13. I hope you had an awesome 4th of July Miss Slotlady. We had a spectacular Canada Day on July 1st in Comox, B.C.,Canada. Keep winning honey.

  14. Nice job Sarah.

  15. Be honest….was the game kinda boring? Lol

  16. News flash….. Canadian Sarah the Slot Lady doubles up on Stars and 7s slot machine on the 4th of July. More details to come. Great win. Hope you had a nice night. Always great to see you win. Thanks for keeping on smiling.

  17. Do you ever play live poker? Also, do they have slots with CANADIAN FLAGS?

  18. Looks likes the El Cortez did it again. Great video!

  19. I enjoyed the video thanks for sharing

  20. Good hits

  21. Your the star young lady. Take care.

  22. $$$$$$$$$$$………….

  23. One of my favorite slot machine!

  24. Nice double up!!
    Where do you gamble the most, off or on the strip?

  25. Solid job! ❤️❤️❤️

  26. Great double up Sarah…more good luck and Happy 4th!!!

  27. To the slotlady! I'm hooked please don't stop posting videos.

  28. congrats on the win , i pulled off an awesome winning streak today , i walked into the local pub with 40 bucks walked out with about 560 bucks

  29. Sarah is a natural star!

  30. Why is the slotlady celebrating the 4th of July… Isn't she Canadian ehhh?….

  31. Mi novia de usa

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