**BIG WIN on WHEEL OF FORTUNE!!!** 5X TICKETS! ✦ Texas Lottery Scratch Off Tickets

**BIG WIN on WHEEL OF FORTUNE!!!** 5X TICKETS! ✦ Texas Lottery Scratch Off Tickets

[ad_1] Decided to buy the last 5 tickets from a lottery vending machine. Finally, a nice big win on a Wheel of Fortune scratch off ticket.

PO BOX 1619

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  1. Nice win, I hit $500 on the $10 Cash Blast ticket last week, i dont scratch a lot but I'm sure they will eventually get all of it back and some, good luck, hope you get a claimed soon

  2. Yes definitely trust your gut sometimes!

  3. Sweet!!

  4. lucky I have never won 500 before !!!

  5. So nice

  6. Very nice win.

  7. Why California they don’t have 50$ tickets yet

  8. What a good call to buy them all. Awesome WIN 🙂

  9. Wtg!

  10. U see that's what I'm talking about win like that keep it up

  11. Are wheel off fortune ticket makes no sense it's number no later so it's not fun to loose our money pa lottery

  12. Nice!! Woo-Hoo!!

  13. Good win I like and I like the chicken. Diana Tobin

  14. Did Watson Pick That 1 LOL

  15. Am fortune winner revathi sentil

  16. I win revathisenthil happy texas


  18. Good Luck

  19. OMG 500$ WINNER

  20. Your gut instinct paid off!!! Nice!

  21. That’s sick

  22. Nice win just subscribed

  23. Awesome win!

  24. Very nice!! New subscriber here look forward to all your new videos

  25. I just got 500$ win on a 2$ ticket

  26. Awesome!!!

  27. that was awesome!!!

  28. Congrats

  29. Nice hit man awesome

  30. FTS, what are the odds of winning $500 on this ticket?

  31. sweet win I'm try wish me luck!!

  32. Long Live the Keph Empire and kudos to my friends at Fixin to Scratch!

  33. Holy Shit! Awesome win dude!

  34. Thats what I’m talking about!!! Congrats!!!

  35. $500!!!

  36. Candy really appreciated that win!

  37. fixing to preach. congrats on the win

  38. Ever consider splitting 50/50 both ways for future videos?

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