BIG WIN on Wild Rockets Slot — £2 Bet

BIG WIN on Wild Rockets Slot — £2 Bet

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Finally a big win on Wild Rockets and it’s a beauty!! [ad_2]

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  1. Nice win nick

  2. Not their finest slot, thanks for the video and well done on your win 🙂 Rob

  3. Nice win I've never seen this game before lol

  4. Great hit Nick, congrats buddy.

  5. Why do you remove the thumbs up down feature from your videos? Is it because most people know your a fraud and you don't want others to know what the rest of us have already figured out

  6. How come when I go on casumo I can't find this game?

  7. U sounding addicter my the day

  8. I must live on a different planet because these games don't pay out nothing like this when I play on them!

  9. Nice win 😀
    Haven't seen a big win on this slot for a while lol

  10. Fuck yeah nick best I've seen well done mate 🙂

  11. just subscribed mate keep up the great videos

  12. wow big wins today mate.

  13. Good win Nick, you went prob's 200 X and I went meh 100 X

    How can that Rosh guy have 10 K hits on a video and have only 10 comments and 24 thumbs down about 20 thumbs up?

  14. Congrats Nick!!! You really know how to play slots 😉

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