BIG WIN OR BIG FAIL? — Dream Catcher

BIG WIN OR BIG FAIL? — Dream Catcher

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Dream catcher is one of my favorite games at the moment, much because of the enormously big win we got a few weeks ago. It can at the same time be very tilting, a big fail like in this video is nerve wracking and I always want to go another bullet afterwards. The thought of a double 7x multiplier in to a massive big win always make me want to go and play. I think Evolution Gaming has succeeded with the Dream Catcher even though it’s a good idea to stay away if you easily get tilted because it can eat your balance like no other online casino game.

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  1. is there a strategy for people with 200 euros

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  4. Wtf nigga wtf.

  5. feelsbadman

  6. Lol rekt for being cheap and not putting on 40!xD

  7. I know he felt it in his stomach

  8. This is the reality of online gambling addiction

    This man is now broke sucking dick on the street corner for $2

  9. I play this on 888.Terrible game, super rigged, if you play long enough you see that it only pays out big when the tottal bets are low, if there are high rollers betting you will get all ones and twos, you can see the payouts so watch for it.
    Second if you play long enough you see the wheel has "resistence coil springs" and electro magnets so they can slow it down and make it stop where they want gradually with no odd changes in speed or sudden stops.
    You can see though the "resistence" on the wheel change

  10. could you fucking imagine someones pain who bet on 40 if the wheel got stuck on 1?

  11. You should just retire

  12. This must be the most retarded language to be excited in…

  13. Oh My God What the luck really sad

  14. Was hilarious watching you lose lol

  15. HAHAHA

  16. ah hahhahhhahahaha! you loooser

  17. damn! he could've had 100,000!

  18. They know verry well. 7 7 ..40
    Players not play 40 number .


  20. Such a tilting video but great entertainment as always, i would blame Reggie.

  21. Yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Beynini sikiyim senin

  23. fucking idiot that is the worst game anyone can play

  24. idiot..

  25. hahahah so funny imagine he took 100$ for 40 he would get 196.000$ crazy shit


  27. OMG so close to Huge Wins (Twice) enough to make you feel sick…Sorry for your Loss Kim But what a Thrill!

  28. Haha

  29. ouchhhhhhh

  30. he gets fierd after 7x 7×40 😀

  31. Funny

  32. there was one time 7x 40 i did'nt even freaking bet $0.1 on it, i started with $20, at last i went all in on 1 and busted

  33. Picka glupa loseer

  34. it is ver y funny! you guys are hillarious

  35. Woowowowowowowowoow how much was the 400k in £ that someone won?

  36. 1 Euro or 10 kroon on 40 would have been enough for a decent monthsalary of work for lot of people

  37. This is the true story about dreamcatcher roulette. Thanks for this share, is really amazing. Dont worry, if you cover number 1, it was number 5. or 40 again… well … keep dreaming. I lost so much money on this terrible game too.

  38. holy shit, some people win x1960. $10 and u get a new car

  39. Oh my god, that is SICK Kim 🙁

  40. and this is why you always have to put something small on 40.

  41. savage

  42. im very happy that you lose

  43. someone won 478k kr

  44. haha dumbass!! listen to him cry!

  45. wow this would haunt me for a long time

  46. Zoom~Diggity~

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