Big Win Poker

Big Win Poker

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  1. This machine doesn’t auto cash at $2,000. Some machines do auto cash at $2,500, but not our Lil’s Elite machine. Lil’s Elite Machines auto cash at $8,500. This doesn’t really matter though. If you had $8,300 already on your machine and you won $800 more, the machine would cash out for $8,500 and leave the residual $600 on the machine to cash or continue playing.
    This game along with many others have great bonus rounds. This game has three wild cards in the bonus so the likelihood of high paying hands is good, thus the huge tickets. When you have a bonus round of 183 games let’s say, with multiple wild cards and $800 wins available in every one of those games, big tickets happen. The $800 cap is per hand, not total for your whole playing session. Hope that helps!

  2. How can these games possibly pay that much when max win is $800 and machine automatically cashes out at $2,000.

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