BIG WIN: Pulwama Terror Attack Conspirator Neutralised By Security Forces In Tral Encounter

BIG WIN: Pulwama Terror Attack Conspirator Neutralised By Security Forces In Tral Encounter

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24 комментария

  1. Show proof to Ra ul & mamta, kejri. Next to siddu & digg vijoy.

  2. After 11 Days of Air Strike
    How is Pulgama Conspirator? DEAD Sir
    How is Jaish ? HOSPITAL Sir
    Indian Media Visa ? DENIED Sir
    Foreign Media Entry ? DENIED Entry Sir
    Abhinandan Sir ? Back To HOME Sir
    F-16 ? SHOT DOWN Sir
    Sindhu Water ? STOPPED Sir
    Import Duty ? 200% IMPOSED Sir
    22 Algawadi Security ? WITHDRAWN Sir
    Jamat e Islamic ? BANNED Sir
    Army Josh ? HIGH Sir
    Hindustani Avam Josh ? Very High Sir

  3. Maja a Gaya subha subha

  4. BJP when my street will be repaired

  5. Only 1 solution for all…
    Shoot at the point black stone pellters…
    They r working as pakistan dogs…

  6. Govt shouldn't return the bodies of terrorists to thier families. Bloody pigs doesn't entitled for any islamic ritual post death.

  7. Jai Hind

  8. Marshal law now

  9. इस्लाम अब अपनी समाप्ति की ओर कदम रख चुका है पर किसी मुसलमान को नहीं दिख रहा ।
    हर वर्ष किसी एक इस्लामिक देश को अमरीका और रूस किसी न किसी बहाने से पूरी तरह नेस्तनाबूद कर रहे हैं और बाकी के इस्लामिक देश तालियां बजा रहे हैं और इनकी वाहवाही कर रहे हैं ।
    यानि अल्लाह का इस्लाम खत्म भी हो रहा है और बेवकूफ मुसलमान इसकी खुशियां भी मना रहे हैं और हां चीन और हिंदुस्तान ने तो अभी हमले की शुरुआत भी नहीं करी है ।
    अमरीका पाकिस्तान पर ड्रोन हमले के चेतावनी तो दे ही रहा है अब टर्की को भी आर्थिक बरबादी की धमकी दे रहा है ।
    जापान मुसलमानों को आने ही नहीं देता,
    चीन इनकी दाढ़ी-टोपी तो पहले ही छुड़वा चुका है और अब तो इनसे कुरआन भी जब्त कर रहा है,
    म्यांमार में इनकी हालत पतली हो चुकी है और श्रीलंका में पतली हो रही है,
    स्लोवाकिया और अंगोला ने हाल ही में इस्लाम पूरी तरह बैन कर दिया है,
    ऑस्ट्रेलिया, न्यूजीलैंड आदि देशों में इनपर पूरी नजर रखी जा रही है ।
    दुनिया के 99 % परमाणु बम काफिर देशों के पास हैं यानि भविष्य का मोमीन-काफिर युद्ध एकतरफा होगा ।
    किसी मुसलमान के पास सही जवाब हो तो जरूर देना वरना रात को नींद नहीं आएगी ।

  10. If liberal and pdp kejruddin and pappu ask for proof then throw the body to them and ask to confirm it from their friend azahar masood.

  11. Jai hind .

  12. Gun down all stone throwers no mercy

  13. Pl.encounter all anti nationals in jk including politicians

  14. Leaving Election Campaign stage Raul Vinci has rushed Sajjad's home to console his family with dozens of PM Aspirants .

  15. India needs to make it very clear that as in so many other Western countries that have these muslim terror cells , it is not a war against muslims but a war against those who seek to destroy the Union of India by direct means of aggression & methods of war , Pakistan is waiting for a Anti muslim backlash — it plays into their plans to galvanise & feed on the fear of Indian muslims — a 100 million+ is by means a minority & the problem is there are those that want the Indian way of life & freedom that comes along with it & there are those that carry their hate inside so it is very crucial that muslims that see reasoning 7 the benefits of being Indian 1st form part of that info. nexus to give vital info. to the armed forces. Ideally I would sanitize the entire of Kashmir ! unfortunately that is not a reality. India needs to provide arms tot he Balochs & other forces that can destabilize Pakistan from within! The USa did it in USSR occupied Afghanistan & recently in Syria & Iraq — India can also speak the same language to justify it's actions @ the UN — genocide is being committed by Paki soldiers — videos showing killings of villagers without a proper trial taking place & yet the world turns a blind eye to this ! I should think Russia, Iran, Afghanistan & India need to combine to form an anti terror group that can take these terro heads out in Pakistan either directly or via a 3rd party. The West is playing a double game in this region & don't seem to understand the real gravity of it will impact them as well, today an ocean does not ensure safety ! These terror orgs have to be hit @ every level from funding etc & the head of the snake is the Paki ISI — Khan wont do Jack S**T against them so I see not alternative but to take them on @ a military level & get the groups that want independence to cause more of a headache for the Paki military. the Paki military response must be taped & putout on social media. Drum up public support in the West to show tha tthey cannot put their heads in the ground & think all is well!

  16. Insha allah bahut accha huwa allah key pass chala gaya 72 whories will give him jannat ki hoor ?

  17. Some will ask for Proof
    Jawans. One fight is over, now the main fight begins.
    Jai Hind.

  18. Very good news.The BASTARD had been killed.

  19. Mil gaya 25569 virgins

  20. Very Good News, Salute to our Brave IAF AND Thankyou

  21. Very pleasing news.
    Well done .
    Hats off to SECURITY FORCES on successful operation.

  22. mc

  23. All muslims are born the way as shown in the thumb nail .

  24. Khancross commis PDP in boiling stomach.

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