**BIG WIN!!!** Quick Hits Slot Machine Collection

**BIG WIN!!!** Quick Hits Slot Machine Collection

[ad_1] **BIG WIN!!!** Quick Hits Slot Machine Collection

This is a collection of Quick Hit games I have had recently and figured I’d put them all together for you. The bets range from $2 to $5! There is def some potential in the Cash Wheel bonus if you can get anything in those free spins…I’ve seen one hand pay on that one so far. I hope everyone is recovering nicely from the holidays haha.

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  1. Congrats nice wins

  2. Nice hits Dr. Nick! I didn't see one game but maybe somewhere down the line, it's one Quick Hit slot that I really believe has potential.

  3. Those were some nice bonus rounds. I just sub to your channel I thought I did in the past.

  4. Was that a super Sized Black Gold slot!? Your hand seemed to small picking those! Lol! Nice collection, I'm glad that they removed the mechanical ones off my local! This Dragon Spins, this weekend I sat this dude hit for 8!!! $2900 handpay at $5.50 bet! So keep trying it! So worth at $2.75

  5. Congrats Dr

  6. Nice wins Nick. Love the quick hit games…especially when they cooperate. Congrats and thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. That last Quick Hit slot needs a lobotomy for that low bonus on such a high bet. You're just the doctor to do it lol. Thanks for showing and good luck 2017!

  8. Great collection of QH. loved how you slipped Dragon Rising in there. Great job Nick thank you for sharing.

  9. How fun thanks .

  10. OMG before you ended each one, I said, thanks for watchin.. and then you said it.. Ok, I'm just silly today lol!!

  11. I love those Quick Hits!!!

  12. Nice collection! I think technically speaking Dragon Rising is not exactly quick hits, bonus mechanics is different there, no multipliers and +1 extra games.

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