BIG WIN Saved my bankroll! Jungle Wild 3 Slot Machine Bonus

BIG WIN Saved my bankroll! Jungle Wild 3 Slot Machine Bonus

[ad_1] After a night of slotting fun with fellow youtubers, I came down to my last $100 in my wallet. I decided to do all or nothing in the Jungle Wild 3 Slot machine. It took me down fast and hard! On my very last spin, the bonus triggered! Phew! Miracles do happen!!!


Slot machine: jungle wild 3 by wms slots
Denom: 1c (penny)
Total bet: $2.00

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  1. F**ing liar

  2. Sweet! Congrats

  3. Got discriminated at Foxwoods casino. many racists employees. ken Ramnath, Director, Celine Int'l Inc Wall Street NY

  4. Super last minute win! Love this game.

  5. Quite a comeback! Good for you kbr!

  6. could of win another big win

  7. well u could stop those wild

  8. hit the fucking button faggot nobody wants to see the credits count up

  9. nice comeback i love that feeling lol

  10. Great comeback! Congrats on that bonus! 🙂

  11. Congrats!

  12. Sweet as win man

  13. Great Hit! Down $400 is easy to make that comeback. Once your down over $600 its best to just go home!

  14. Awesome comeback congrats

  15. Great come back. Something happened to me on this games months back I posted. Great feeling. Well done kbr.

  16. great love when this happens glad to see u going for it instead of min betting till ur broke. nothing like getting nickel and dime to deat

  17. Fantastic bonus.
    Congrats 420

  18. congrats…and yes it happens many times we gamblers get free spins in the last chance we have … keep that good luck

  19. isn't that great when that happens !!!!!!   it don't happen enough….

  20. That's what we all want! bonus in our las credits along with a super big win!!! congrats!

  21. Awesome! Love some JW3 action!

  22. Good one! I doubt it saved your br after a night of slotting, lol……this game is sooo exciting during the bonus and on the boring side in the regular spins. Big line hits are just rare. Still love it though! Hahaha…..

  23. That was awesome! Congrats!

  24. The most satisfying bonus is always a last spin one…especially when it delivers 🙂 Congrats!

  25. Great win at last bet. Congrats 🙂

  26. Yay !! This is not a miracle. This is your luck ! !

  27. great win!

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