BIG WIN !! Scratch Card Fun

BIG WIN !! Scratch Card Fun

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  1. Damn haters…critics all around…what do u expect?want hans zimmer to do some backround music?

  2. It's relaxing to scratch these cards. I just tried it. We won.

  3. Nice win

  4. Camera man needs to be sacked!!

  5. Nice win

  6. You take way too much time to scratch off

  7. New sub here would appreciate the sub back

  8. Rubbish

  9. walk to more far away shop for ur cards and lose some timber son

  10. lucky 7s are terrible most ive won is £200 ive won £100 5x on £5 ones and a £100 once on £3 word search they are a tax on stupid people like me who buy them its just buzz when u winn £100 etc i genuinely doubt big prizes exist

  11. Scumbag

  12. Can’t sea cards half the time boring

  13. Have I missed the 'big Win' ?

  14. Y are some of you people hating like seriously man leave the guy alone so what if he needs a light for the video or if it's click bait plus he only went by how much he paid for it so the big win means he got more money then what he paid for back

  15. On ur 2nd round u got a pattern

  16. Love your United shirt and cap

  17. Plizz which is the name of song at the beggining?

  18. Big win Gazza! Can't wait to check out the next one.

  19. whats a 4 pound note bud lol

  20. I'd say do some 2 pounders as they are more interesting. New sub 🙂

  21. Puts lights on to film video and then casts shadow over the video?

  22. your so lucky Gazza nice one

  23. Please can you get the £1000 a. Month for a year card

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