BIG WIN — Scratching FIVE $20 Instant Lottery Tickets — From the same store as the fiver losers

BIG WIN — Scratching FIVE $20 Instant Lottery Tickets — From the same store as the fiver losers

[ad_1] Back to the scene of the crime. About 2 weeks ago (in this video you saw me scratch five $20 tickets that were all consecutive losers — $100 loss. Today, I go back to the same store and buy five more of the same tickets to see what happens. [ad_2]

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  1. Nice Wins!


  3. 04-09-20-22-29-38

  4. Shut up an scratch i need my lotto fix lol

  5. Wouldn't you have a better chance with 5 of the same ticket?

  6. You broke even you didn't count the hundred dollars you spent the week before

  7. You missed the four..

  8. Now take all that and but just one kind of ticket.
    You'd be suprised how many back to back winners are on a roll.
    Diversifying like that usually decreases your odds.

  9. Good Work!! 🙂

  10. my dad once won $600. he texted my mom: "i got a ticket!" my mom thought he was speeding lol..

  11. got to the second ticket u miss number 4

  12. Asmr

  13. Ive bout a entire roll and won half of what i spent the first time i did it the secound time i did it i won 10,000 so its basically a gamble and if youre willing to spend that much money to win..

  14. Congratulations. I really like that last ticket, the 2M Extravaganza. I like your style. Thanks for the videos

  15. wishing I could attach 59;000

  16. Wow $ 180? Thats you have luck I dont

  17. It was a nin 9 not a 4 you guys. Great job on the winnings.

  18. Hate when I see big win and the winning on the ticket is a 100 bucks lol that's not a big win to me

  19. Congratulations! Dear

  20. Lottery Project: What city and state are you in?

  21. your camera angle sucks.
    better getting a go pro and putting it on your hat .

  22. Also I subscribed

  23. I am so happy you one I am gone buy 20 of them I hope I win cause I really want a four wheeler

  24. Lottery is a scam. They have way more losing tickets than winners.

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  26. is it just me or does anyone else want to see someone win the jackpot?

  27. poor coin

  28. new sub

  29. u know u can increase ur chances of winning by looking in the lottery website an check which tickets already paid jackpots u dont wanna keep buying tickets that paid out all the top prizes lol

  30. buy all the same kind

  31. it is much quicker if you would just scrape one long straight line sit up individually

  32. So you broke even. Why don't you try 5 from the same roll?

  33. guys I just started a scratch channel please check it out!!! subscribe and ill subscribe back!!!!!

  34. don't place the camera so close.

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