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Great winning session on Dancing Foo Slot Machine!
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24 комментария

  1. Wow.. I played this one many times. You did well!

  2. Congrats on the bonus and quadrupling your money!

  3. I love this game! It’s always been good to us 🙂 My sister hit the grand at over $25,000 on this game, only betting the second lowest wager!

  4. That was a nice run.

  5. Great win on the Dancing Foo, Diana! Now, let’s play James Bond since that game was going bonkers near you! Lol

  6. The new James Bond game sure is loud isn't it haha.


  8. I have never seen this game before but obviously you and that game have a "working" relationship 🙂 Congrats on a great win. Hey tell Robert that I need for him and his luck to meet me at Harrah's Cherokee tomorrow, because I'm sure that I really need some jackpots. Thanks for posting the video and keep them a comin' .

  9. So glad to see Mr. Foo back in this new version…Congrats Diana!!

  10. I enjoy Dancing Foo but you seem to do much better than I do.
    Thanks for sharing and good luck.

  11. Awesome full-screen hits, progressives & bonus with a super profit to end the game. Congrats!

  12. Congratulations Diana on your big win may your luck continue xxx

  13. Congratulations, very nice win.

  14. kind of an ugly game but if you win who cares

  15. HI Diana. Great win. Great to see you having fun. I'll be back in Vegas next month with my sister for her birthday. I'll have to try this game!

  16. Great bonus!! I hardly win on this game

  17. This is one of my favorite machines now. I've had some great sessions on it but not at that bet so it's great to see what larger bets can pay. I love that the progressives have a little bit more added to them by the time they pay out — this was great! Did you play it more during your trip? I just can't resist one of these machines with a large gold pile just sitting there, I always feel like it's going to pop any minute!

  18. Really nice lines hits!

  19. Sweet win doll!

  20. Please note that our own "LADY DI" knows the time to quit is when your ahead, the farther ahead the better!

  21. Hi Diana.. thanks for sharing video today.. enjoyed!.. love and hugs.. Bonnie

  22. You weren't just FOOling around with that machine! Congratulations on your big win, Diana. I love it when the "circus music" plays!

  23. Very nice!

  24. Very nice win. You did very well. Congrats!

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