BIG WIN! Smoking HOT Jackpots! Slot Machine! $9/SPIN!

BIG WIN! Smoking HOT Jackpots! Slot Machine! $9/SPIN!

[ad_1] Decided to go big this time at $9/spin! Also played Wild Bear Salmon Run and hit the free spins! Enjoy!!!


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18 комментариев

  1. Nice win slot lady

  2. Nice win Sarah!  Congrats!!

  3. All Right!

  4. Awesome win Sara, what is the biggest jackpot you’ve won so far & which machine was it on? Also would you do a q&a sometime for us?

  5. Nice Sarah 🙂 I'm having a slow start on my Channel any advice

  6. You could sing for us if the sound don't work lol

  7. Awesome windy ! Great job

  8. Great hit Sarah!

  9. Nice!

  10. Only thing 'smoking hot' I can see is YOU. Have fun, good luck and take care.

  11. When a bonus pays zero. That game goes into the never play again zone. Time to move on. I'll never play that game but nice win at the end very cool

  12. That was SWEET 🙂 Best of luck on the next game. 🙂 🙂

  13. Nice win. I'm glad you stick to stopping when you get to the nearest hundred. Considering how long it took to get a bonus on Wild Salmon Run that didn't have a single hit, this one made up for it big time.

  14. Nicely done, Slotlady

  15. loved it

  16. You're outro is very good. Nice smile. Keep winning

  17. Nice recovery win after the dodgy salmon!

  18. Yep, Wild Bears is a strange pay out game. Have you played Russian Treasures?

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