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Big Win Soccer 1800 big bucks pack opening Superstar after Superstar

Big Win Soccer 1800 big bucks pack opening Superstar after Superstar

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  1. He probs got a beatin

  2. You have a nice team

  3. stop cursing dummy

  4. it looked fake (the superstar player

  5. Did you name your card or you get them?

  6. I'm a free to play player ad got it in my 2nd pack

  7. U r retarded plastic BARCA fan spelled Barcelona wrong and spelled our CAPTAINS name wrong spoiled brat

  8. This kids got a mouth

  9. your wasting lots of money on a game you might accidently delete it

  10. friends code?

  11. jajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajaajajajjajajajajajjajaajaja

  12. that was stupid

  13. This version of the program is not working anymore. A new working version has been launched just search " Mobcheatzcom " in google.

  14. Seriously, this clip is full of lies.If you want a truly working hack just search " Mobcheatzcom " in google.

  15. Has pagado dinero

  16. Guys i will be making more videos

  17. how did you hack it

  18. Spil!!!

  19. EROR V:

  20. i cant beleive that you got 4 central defenders lol

  21. I also got 34000 bucks on this game

  22. And I am better than you at big win football and 51 all-stars

  23. A left defender in football is called LB which means left back oh and by the way I have 19 superstars

  24. this is very 8ver

  25. I opend 3 packs… What i got?? 3 Superstars omg!

  26. wrong spelling for iniesta you wrote ineista it should be iniesta

  27. When are big rush packs released?

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