BIG WIN! Striking GOLD on Eureka! Slot Machine! Free Spins BONUSES + Re-Trigger!

BIG WIN! Striking GOLD on Eureka! Slot Machine! Free Spins BONUSES + Re-Trigger!

[ad_1] Went on a crazy run on Eureka! Slot Machine at the Aria in Las Vegas! Got the Free Spins Bonus multiple times for a BIG WIN! Enjoy!!!


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23 комментария

  1. The most beautiful smile on Youtube. Btw, I am here two smiles, lol.

  2. You had WAY TOO MUCH fun with this one. AWESOME!!!! Congratulations!

  3. Nice vid beautiful♥️♠️♦️♣️

  4. we luv ya videoz

  5. Good win smiley face, keep up the good work..

  6. It looks like the 3rd reel is always wilds in the free spins bonus. That’s pretty sweet. Sour when the dynamite blocks the pay lines though!

  7. Why don't you ever say where you're playing?

  8. Most important thing is having fun. You were really enjoying this game. Do we have a new favorite game here now?

  9. Awesome

  10. Nice lil pull.
    Thanks for sharing.
    GL from T.O.

  11. Wtg nice win I got a 1500 hand pay on bier has

  12. That was super awesome
    Who the hell put a thumbs down? this was awesome spinning and winning jealous much?

  13. Banjo voice skill = 7

  14. Nice win, 10 cent machines seem to have great volatility. Try using an old prospector voice when asking for gold “let’s git sum of dem dadburn gold nuggets” works for me!

  15. Hi sarah

  16. Very enjoyable video to watch and glad you won. Steve and Jayne

  17. Nice win

  18. @Slotlady that Eurrka I play that on Jackpot Party on my phone on Google play theres many of the slots there. When I was at Seneca I won $314 on that game

  19. 🙂  That was fun  🙂 🙂  Best of luck on the next game. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  20. You are so funny when you sing along to the machine. Makes it more enjoyable to watch you have so much fun. Thank you.

  21. Come to find out Magic Ian is actually a Gold miner and lives in Eureka. What a blast 🙂

  22. Hey gorgeous

  23. Nice one Sarah. Loved your country twanging

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