BIG WIN!!! Triple Trouble Slot Machine Bonus — Big Win!!!

BIG WIN!!! Triple Trouble Slot Machine Bonus — Big Win!!!

[ad_1] Triple Trouble Slot Machine Bonus — Big Win!!!

Aria Las Vegas

$5 Bet

Triple Trouble Slot Machine Bonus — Big Win!!!

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  1. ❤️ meow

  2. Push the damn button it adds it quickly duh

  3. Slap yourself…or mute the audio

  4. Are you all saying tattoo?

  5. Pig mouthpunk ruins all these games

  6. Dont know which was more flaming the sevens or your homosexual ways.

  7. Love the conversations going on in the back round. Who is he? Need his But reals


  9. "stick my finger in your hole" is the most hilarious thing ever SDGuy1234….do u live in Vegas or "San Diego,CA" ? your hilarious brother thanks for all the wild entertainment,i would love to hang out with you,that is for sure cus i'd be laughing with all your sweet talk….IT'S FUNNY!

    +SDGuy1234 Slot Machine Videos 

  10. what a sad narcissist…how he found a fault with everything around him BUT him…….run when you see this bitch…..he probably seems like such a kind person when he int drunk, but he censors his foul brain..if he were str8 he would make a kkk leader

  11. Ur name should be std guy

  12. What a crappy feature..

  13. As much as i enjoy my slots, I do agree this game is lame.
    IMO, money honey is best. 😉
    However, I did enjoy this video, mostly for the laugh-worthy comments. You guys are a hoot.

  14. +SDGuy1234 Slot Machine Videos I love this video. To all song in this video is The Heat is on by Glenn Frey.
    Also great job on this video — Jason

  15. 40+ spins and only $450? That's fucking terrible…

  16. "those look like balls"

  17. ok…go ahead and say it….lol….childish

  18. It's like you enjoy hearing yourselves talk….GIBER PHUCKIN ISH!..Rambling on about nothing…So disrespectful. Do you think the hosts of any establishment want to endure the ridicule and nonsense you all display so loudly? It's in EVERY post! You act as if you can just go into a casino, curse and act rudely to the staff and then complain when they approach you. You all have no respect for anyone elses feelings but your own selfishness. People lose their jobs over you're antics because you have the nerve to complain and write letters full of lies to…like the boy said "GET MY WAY"! The amazing thing is the people that truly know you better than I do…NEVER SAY A WORD! Folks are crazy and could easily go into their computer system, get your addresses and pay someone $5.00 to beat the dog shit out of you, damage your vehicle, paint ball your house and poison your pets! They could then add another .50 cents to the pot to have all of your fingers cut off. You just never know what an angry FIRED casino employee could do! TRUST ME…..besides just becuse he lost his job, he still has friends their that would love to see his revenge unfold….again, trust me….I KNOW!

  19. Hi

  20. Good Job

  21. If you get a hand pay..your buying everyone hookers? …..are we talking male hookers? And which finger in what hole..I need details…….

  22. why do you play such lame games

  23. it was huge bonus

  24. You guys!!! LOL!!! God, you get together with Diane and you guys just get on a roll of seriously funny shit!!!
    I Love You Guys,
    Wolfy 🙂

  25. I enjoyed the video overall…but i am just wondering if everyone around that machine talking was a rich,yuppie mommas boy or something…I dont know where evrybody is from but "like oh my goddddd" or something….really?…nice win though

  26. Question, is there any real skill involved in slots or are the bonuses predetermined before the game even starts.
    BTW, I've watched over 100 of your videos & have subscribed. Lots of fun on this channel "bitches". 

  27. I fuggin' LOVE YOU bro!!!

  28. Wow, that was a lot of spins! Should of paid more with that $5.00 you were playing. Poor Diana, you were really razzing her. Loved the talking you were doing while recording it. Isn't this why we subscribe to you, ya!!! Great, great, video, loved it!

  29. What a fun video. Someday I shall slot around with you all

  30. Love the energy you guys have. I bet u guys have fun every time u guys go

  31. LOL great vid couldnt hit shit on this at max bet

  32. Watched all 13 minutes and boy did the memories flood back.  When is our next trip together? I miss you!!!

  33. I remember this bonus. 🙂 LMAO! Played this slot recently at Palazzo and had another big win on it. 

  34. sdguy your so damn touchy!!!!!!!!!! lol

  35. Listening to you guys all talk is more entertaining than the slot machine….I forget what I
    am here for……lol

  36. I recognize so many voices in this video!!!   

  37. Yeah, whenever they touch the screen, it didn't pay.  Good bonus though!  😀

  38. SD I really enjoy your conversations, you always make me laugh!!! xoxoxo from Puerto Rico !!!

  39. great video of this machine.  Its very hard to hit something decent on this.

  40. Your crazy funny, love this video.

  41. The big win spoiler is really dumb. Takes the excitement out of the game IMO.

  42. Great conversation and fun to watch!  SDGUY1234, you are too, too cool!

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