BIG WIN! Trump To Undo Obama’s Transgender Policies

BIG WIN! Trump To Undo Obama’s Transgender Policies

[ad_1] BIG WIN! Trump To Undo Obama’s Transgender Policies
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  1. Our Warriors need to be thinking about doing battle and not who they’re going to bugger in the foxhole

  2. So thankful.

  3. You couldnt find someone that could speak English to read that response to president Trumps transgender rule?
    “Melting Pot” means getting rid of the last White, straight, Christian Man.

  4. Even God frowns on this practice..

  5. Females don't belong in any kinda military. Women are not made for this !

  6. It’s way over due! We CANNOT decide to be what we are not!,just saying I w@nt to be someone else just does not work !

  7. What sad day and a sad presidency.

  8. Let's get the restroom's sorted out as well, fixed all the dumber obummer mistakes.

  9. Hell ya!! MEGA!!

  10. Just another sign that we r in the end times

  11. Makes sense. What's wrong with that law.

  12. Obama was a treasonous thieving transgender!

    Why take on transgender recruits that are already in need of proscribed psychological medication ?‬

  13. Omg Trump is getting better by the day. Maga 2020 !!!!!

  14. Finally need to be done Obama agreed because he's gay so he thinks it's ok with everyone no its not

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